Hold Your Breath!

Little Hittler may be resigning!  Is it wrong to be happy about it?  She got caught out lying about something and is all up in arms trying to deflect it.  Now she wants everyone to beg her to stay.  A few might but mostly not.  The shit is gonna hit the fan again and it's all because of her.  She's done this before, threatened to quit, but never has.  So I wonder if she'll really do it this time or wait until the AGM which is the regular time to resign, not in the middle of the season leaving everyone in the lurch.  That's just bad manners.


Erin said…
I hope she resigns! I'm sure secretly EVERYONE wants her to, LOL
Sparkless said…
I spoke too soon. She's done this before and she never leaves! Oh well it was too good to last.

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