Too Good to Be True

Yes, it was all a fake out as usual.  Little Hittler is not resigning.  I should have known cause she's done this before.  Every time things get a bit much for her or something goes wrong and it just might possibly be her fault she gets all whiny and says she's going to resign.  We don't really want her to resign we want her to do her job and stop trying to control everything.  She does stuff without telling anyone and makes deals that she doesn't tell anyone about with the coach.  Stuff goes on and the rest of the board never hears about it.  I wouldn't even put it past her and the coach to be stealing money.  It would be very easy for them to do this.

Anyway it's raining today and I'm stuck inside with the kids.  The husband is at work all weekend.  I'm making my son help me do some chores cause he's big and strong and my back is not in good shape.  He can move boxes around for me.  Actually I like doing chores with my son better than my husband.  The husband whines more and won't do half the things I ask him to do.  My son will do whatever I ask with a minimum of whining.

I should be able to get the living room clear of boxes today.   Unfortunately the boxes have to go somewhere and that will be my bedroom.  The husband isn't going to be happy but until he helps move things around and build or put up some shelves the boxes will stay.

I better stop boring everyone and get to work!


Erin said…
I can't wait until my kids are old enough to help out!

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