I Smiled

I've just realized that I have been blogging since 2006.  That makes it 4 years!  I can't believe it.  So I decided to look back and see what the heck I wrote about.

Several thoughts came to mind as I read some of my old posts.

1.  What a big old whiner I am.  Sheesh!

2.  That sometimes I actually make sense.

4.  And a couple of my posts made me smile.  I actually enjoyed them all over again.  Wow!

5.  That I write more about my son than my daughter.

6.  That you might get the impression that I actually hate and despise my husband.  Well some days I might but most of the time I'm just annoyed with him and would like him to grow a brain.  Oops did that sound whiney or did it make you smile?  Either way I win cause they are both on my list!

7.  That if I keep blogging I may actually get a couple more people to follow me if I can stop whining about my husband long enough to write something interesting.

8.  What happened in 2007?  There are only two posts.  Guess I didn't have anything to whine about.  Maybe it was a great year.  LOL!

And that's about all I noticed cause I don't have time to go back and read all those posts.   Heck, even I don't need to remember all that whining and crap that happened.  Oh, one more thing I noticed, I write more about the bad stuff that happens than the good stuff.  I really need to write more about the good stuff.  And yes there actually are good things that happen in my life you just wouldn't know about them cause I'm too busy enjoying them to blog about them.


Erin said…
Yes, you need to blog about the good stuff as well! I find blogging is a great outlet for whining too LOL, but when I blog about little things that make me happy it's like I'm experiencing all over again and makes the good feeling last a little longer. It also forces you to seek out more good things since putting down on (virtual) paper makes you stop and think about what's missing, or what you have. Did that make sense? Probably not, blogging is good for mindless rambling, too!
Sparkless said…
Makes perfect sense to me Erin. You are so right that writing about good things and then reading them is like experiencing them all over again.
Of course most of my blog is mindless rambling but I enjoy that in other people's blogs so it's all good.

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