It's Time

Time to get serious about cleaning the house that is.  I just finished getting rid of all our old paperwork and bills that we don't need to keep.  I've sorted through all the kids' stuff that I keep in their files.  I have a half a garbage bag of paper that needs to be burned or shredded.  I need to go through all my old bank statements and get rid of lots of them.  I think you only need to keep those for 3 or was it 5 years?  I'm so glad I've gone paperless now and don't have to store all that paper anymore but I've still got all that paper from the years before that I have to keep.

After the paper purge comes the kitchen cupboard clean out.  All those opened packets of stuff that have been sitting in the cupboards for who knows how long, out it goes!  I'll vacuum and wipe the cupboards down after I've purged all the old stuff.  Reorganizing goes along with the purging. 

After the kitchen I'll do the bathroom.  It's small and doesn't have much in it so that should be an easy chore after the kitchen.  Those are my plans for the week and if I get through even the kitchen this week I'll be happy.

I don't know what it is about a new year that makes me want to declutter and clean.  It's too early to call it Spring cleaning cause it will be months before anything even resembling spring will happen.  I guess it's the winter doldrums hitting and the need to have some kind of goal or it could just be that my house is a total disaster and the mess and dirt has finally got to me enough that I have to clean it.

I used to be a bit of a clean freak, really I did.  I'd come home from work on Friday and scrub the house, change the sheets and make sure the house was all ready for any visitors we may have over the weekend.  I'd spend time making sure the house looked good and there were pretty pictures on the walls.  Now I'm happy if I don't stumble on anything on the floors.  That's the only place I draw the line now.  I don't like anything laying around on the floor.  My kids have learned to put their dirty laundry in the basket as soon as they take it off.  If they leave a coat or book on the floor they know their mom will be making them pick it up. 

Having a very small house means that you can't have too much clutter or at least I can't.  I'm slightly claustrophobic so if we had loads of clutter all over I'd be sure to feel anxiety.  But after I had the kids I couldn't do it all.  I hardly slept at all for about 3 years and I can't function without sleep.  So things kinda got left.  They didn't pile up too badly because I'd tackle them when they got bad but it's not anywhere near where I'd like my house to be for organization.  I have no idea where to find stuff anymore.  The husband has been so helpful in his putting stuff away but he just shoves things out of sight to never been seen again.  Which means I have to buy that object again if I need it.  Not the best way to organize your house.

We have wedding gifts that are still in storage because we don't have room to put them in our house.  We have a storage locker because we just don't have enough space here to store our things and believe me we don't have many things.  But even that being said I'm sure I could get rid of a bunch of stuff.  It accumulates every year, clothes that don't fit, boots, shoes, coats, old toys, books, broken stuff that can't go to the dump.  All that stuff gets put in the garage until the local charity shops are again taking clothing or toys.  The broken stuff is sorted and taken to either the recycle center or the dump. 

I'm going to stop there with my list of stuff to do cause I'm already feeling a bit overwhelmed by everything that should get done.  Instead I'm just going to do a bit every day and work that way.  Maybe I'll take a picture of before and after to prove I've actually done it.  Might keep me on track to.


Erin said…
A big "hell, yes!" from the choir! I'm doing the same thing right now - did the living room and part of the kitchen last week. I was hoping to do the rest this past weekend but I didn't do a darn thing with hubby and the kids home, I can't seem to "think" with them around, so now that it's Monday again and they are out of the house, I'm going into the kids' shared bedroom and start in again. I know what you mean about a tiny house, everything that doesn't have 2 purposes goes LOL... it's kind of like a sailboat in here, everything needs to be stored smartly or we won't fit! Great minds think alike - happy purging!
Mama Pea said…
Before and after pictures are a great idea! And maybe your cleaning/purging will get me in gear.

I got the Xmas stuff down yesterday but now it looks so bare in here. Wait until I get the cleaning done. It will look even bare-er with all the dirt and dust bunnies gone!

Keep blogging about your progress. Use us to hold you responsible! ;o)
Sparkless said…
Thanks Erin. I need all the encouragement I can get!

Mama Pea I've taken the before pictures but am still working on the cupboards to get the after pictures done. I won't get much done today because I have to go help my mom with some work at her house but I hope to have my kitchen done by weeks end.

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