So Early!

Yesterday there was a snowfall warning of 5-10mm.  I read it and scoffed.  It's way too early for us to get snow.  We rarely get snow even on Halloween so a week before that would be even rarer still.

I kept looking outside and checking the temperature all evening.  I was up late reading a book till 1am.  Reading keeps me awake.  When I went to bed it was 3C and a steady drizzle was coming down.  "Snow for the higher elevations, maybe, but not down here in our valley."  And with that thought I went to bed.

I woke up to a white covered land!  Oh wow!  It was just enough to cover the ground, bit slushy and was totally melted by noon.  Usually our first snow is just a few flakes falling but never enough to actually cover the ground.  I heard that up in the mountain there was almost 3 inches of wet snow!  A town just up the mountain from us was planning to have a reopening for their downtown area because they had suffered through almost a year of road work.  They wanted to draw people back to shopping there but the snow stalled their plans for a week.  A lot of people are unprepared for this early snow.  Just yesterday we had our winter tires put on, thank goodness.

I was so stunned by the snow today I didn't even get a picture of it.  I wish I had but by the time I had a shower, ate breakfast and did a few chores most of it was melted.  I promise if it snows again I'll go outside in my robe and get a picture to post.   Ohhhh I hope we get a big snow year!


Erin said…
Wow! I would love to see some snow again!
Sparkless said…
Erin snow is so much fun. I can't understand the people who hate snow and want the weather to be sunny all the time.

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