Score One For Intuition

I just heard something tonight that made me thankful I listen to my intuition.  If you remember me talking about being on the board of the club my daughter was in.  The main coach used to own this club but was getting on in years and wanted to just do coaching so he had parents set up a non-profit board and this board bought the club from him through grants and donations.  They continued to employ him as a coach though.

Lets just say this guy is a total nut job.  He's good with the kids most of the time and can really charm people when he wants to.  We got to see what he's really like and it wasn't pretty.  I'd always suspected he was most likely stealing from the club.  Since he owned it for so long everyone still thought he owned it and no matter how many times I suggested they put an ad in the paper telling people he was no longer the owner the board never would.

I haven't heard the details yet but sounds like several board members are resigning.  I'm not sure why they have to leave other than they may have been scared that he would drag their names through the mud.  I don't know if the police were notified. 

A little history on the coach is that this coach was fired from the local smelter for attempting to steal a truckload of gold.  This was back in the days the smelter still smelted gold.  There were other people involved and all got fired.  I have no idea if the police were involved but I would hope so.  This happened some 40 years ago so details are hazy.  He had a couple of daughters and started the club for them and basically expanded it over the years.

I'm still friends with a couple of the board members and that's how I heard.  A bunch of us stayed friends and have coffee now and again.  Several are still on the board.  We are getting together Friday for coffee so I'll get all the lurid details then.  I just feel so sorry for these people who have been working so hard all these years to keep the club running.  This coach has made life a living nightmare for them and continues to bad mouth everyone he doesn't like.  I have no idea why they haven't fired him because his behavior has been everything but professional even when I was on the board.

I am so thankful I got off that board when I did because now my name will not be associated with this scandal/theft in any way.  Sometimes I do make the right decisions.  Pat, pat, pat  (that's me patting myself on the back.


Mama Pea said…
Geesh, I'm glad you got off that board when you did, too!
Sparkless said…
Me too, Mama Pea, me too.
Erin said…
Stealing a truck of gold? LOL, what a crazy world! What kind of club is it?
Sparkless said…
Erin, the truck was full of gold bars not made of gold. LOL! He was fired from that job and is now a gymnastics coach, ex owner of the club.

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