Neighbours From Hell

Yup, we are lucky enough to have neighbours from hell.  This past Thursday when the kids came home from school the people a couple of houses down from us were having a screaming match.  Every second word was a curse.  I don't know how people can yell at each other that long and that loud without going hoarse.  Finally the screaming stopped but it started up again around 9pm.  They were outside, of course, because that's where you should always have your yelling fights so the neighbours can hear and judge you.

From what I could make out a guy was yelling at a girl over something or other.  She of course was yelling right back.  There were other people there too shouting and trying to get the two apart.  They were out on the street near my car walking around.  It was when the beer bottle was smashed in front of my car that I'd had enough and phoned the police.  Of course by the time the police came they had left or gone inside.

Now I don't care if people want to scream and make a spectacle of themselves cause it's mildly amusing but when they get near my property and are smashing beer bottles close to my car I draw the line.

I figured that was our excitement for the month but no we were treated to another spectacle of a different sort last night.  At around 3am I could hear a car racing down our residential street and then screeching around the corner.  You could also hear the loud music inside the car.  This went on  about 10 times over an hour with this small car roaring down our street and then screeching around the corner.  What the heck?!!  Why would someone do that?  I kept waiting to hear the crash.

The guy that lives a couple of houses down from us is supposed to be a drug dealer/seller or something.  This is what we have been told by a few people.  This guy was almost beaten to death by some of his associates.  Aren't we lucky to have him and his mom as neighbours?  And now that I've put this in the blog and have those words that people can search for I just want to say "Say NO to drugs people!"

And the cat earlier in the evening decided to chuck her food up all down the side of the bed.  The poor husband was trying to sleep cause he had to get up early for work.  I had to turn the lights on and clean up the cat mess.  We always keep a cat blanket on the bed that the cat sleeps on so if anything like this happens it's easy enough to just remove the blanket.  Most of the mess was on the hardwood floor and down the side of the bed so it was easily cleaned, although some did get on the sheets so now I have to wash the sheets and change the bedding today. 

Oh, and if anyone has the cure for pimples my daughter wants to know.  She is going through such a rough time right now.  I think girls have it way harder than boys.  There are so many expectations put on them of how they should look and how they should behave.  Add hormones and the stress of
school and I don't know how any of us made it out of high school alive!

Between trying to find a cure for teenage acne and cleaning up cat puke I'm feeling a little worn thin.  I think I need a holiday.


Mama Pea said…
Well, at least you can say your life is not humdrum boring! Whadda lot goin' on!
Erin said…
That's a lot of stress for a day! Hey you are ready to become a Redneck after dealing with those neighbors - our neighbors sound like that but with a few "D@mn you woman but I LOOOOOVEEEE you!" LOL, crazy people :)
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, no my life is not humdrum. LOL!

Erin, I'll up your "D@am you woman but I LOOOOOOVEEEEE you!" with a "I'm not even drunk!!"

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