Dead Beasties

I was just reading about Dooce's bird drama.  How a small bird was by her house and then died.  She was all worried that her daughter may have touched the bird.  I wonder if she knows you can wash your hands.  Anyway, I was going to post a picture of our dead animal only to find out that the husband had taken away the carcass.  Shoot!

And to think that Dooce wouldn't post a picture of the poor dead bird out of some kind of respect.  I thought I'd post the slobbered on and squished body of a mouse I was greeted with this morning.  Oh well I guess you guys will have to wait until next time to view the grizzly scene.   Thanks go to our cat Frodo for leaving us the tasty treat. 


Erin said…
LOL, yuck! :)

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