Last Weekend of Summer Holidays

My kids go back to school on Tuesday.  I am thrilled!  No more mean mom having to make them do chores or get off the computer and go outside (which they never do by the way).  No more feeling guilty because I can't take them on a real holiday or even little mini ones cause we are too broke to do anything.  And no, there isn't much to do when you live in a small town.  We've done all the fun things many times when they were younger and there is no way in heck that they will be entertained doing the mine tour for the seventh time now that they are teens.

The daughter seems more able to entertain herself and keep busy.  She's been teaching herself piano and going out with her friends.  The son has been playing video games, and playing video games and playing more video games.   I'm glad to get him back to school so he can socialize and get out of the house.

Tonight is the Blue Moon which is the second full moon in a month.  I love it when the moon is full and it's like the sun it out at night.  I would normally sit outside in the yard and enjoy the evening but having heard about a bear coming into the yard I'm leery to do that alone.  Not that I'm scared of bears so much just give them a wide berth and lots of respect.

The neighbours dog is barking it's fool head off tonight.  Even though he's inside the house we can hear him clearly.  I keep checking outside thinking there is something outside that he's barking at but can't see anything.  He doesn't usually bark like that so I wonder if there are bears or something outside that has him riled up.  Hopefully whatever it is goes away or the darn dog shuts up because if this goes on all night I'm going to have to have a word with the neighbours.  Their dog is already a nuisance.  It gets in our yard under their fence and chases our cats, drags garbage into the yard and generally is a pain.  The neighbours rarely scoop the poop in their yard and when your house is only a few feet from that it gets pretty stinky.  Lucky for us we only have one window on that side of the house and right now it's got a a/c unit in it.  But don't go outside on a windy warm day or you nose will be assaulted with the pungent aroma of dog poo.

I don't really have anything to write about so I'm just going to say that right now life is sweet.  The nights are nice and cool and Sept is my favorite month so I'm happy.  I hope September brings many sweet things to you and your family too. 


Mama Pea said…
We're looking forward to September and October, too, as we feel they are the nicest months in our area for being out and enjoying the fresh air. This summer was way too hot for us and we look forward to the cool nights that will soon be upon us. We sat out on our deck night before last to watch the moon rise. It was very enjoyable because there were no mosquitoes. Lucky us!
Sparkless said…
We are having the opposite problem with the mosquitoes coming out in droves now. Well not quite that many but more than we've had all summer. I really shouldn't complain because that is the one great thing about living here, the almost total lack of mosquitoes. Drive 30 minutes to a local lake and there are lots but with all the sand and rock we have here they don't have any breeding areas.
Glad to hear you and Papa Pea are going to be enjoying the deck more often now.
Erin said…
Yay for school!!! I am looking forward to the cooler weather :)

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