Dang Internet!

Lately my internet connection has been spotty at best.  We've been told by our provider to turn the router on and off again or unplug it.  This makes me feel like I'm in an episode of  The IT Crowd and I'm waiting for them to ask me if I've checked to see if it's plugged in.  LOL!   It does seem to work but only for a short period of time then we have to do it all over again.  We don't need to do this all the time just sometimes and it's real annoying.  I usually give up in disgust after a few times and just go do something else.  I'm thinking it's time to phone the internet provider and do a bit of talking.  I'm just hoping I get someone who speaks English as a first language on the phone because I have difficulty understanding when a person's accent is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

My cold is feeling better today so I've turned the corner.  I was starting to think that someone should just bury me already.  Now that makes me sound like a big fat whiner but I'm not really, I'm not.  I've had two kids the natural way with no drugs at all and didn't even take any after they were born.  I've had my gallbladder and wisdom teeth out with no extra pain killers than what they give you to do the procedures.  I'm tough with pain but as I'm getting older I've noticed that colds are whooping my butt now.

I need to up my game and start eating more immunity boosting foods.  So I'll be making some chicken soup.  I just need to find some good organic chicken first or at least some good chicken since right now we really can't afford anything organic.   I've never had great success making soup.  Usually I make it and it tastes like fish bowl water so we end up tossing it.  My husband can make a really good soup so maybe I can get him to help me and I'll learn what it is I'm doing wrong.  I follow the recipe to the letter but alas can't seem to find a recipe that works, or maybe it's just me, yes, more than likely it is just me.

I'll take some pictures of my chicken soup making ordeal attempt and hopefully what I'll get is a huge pot of yummy soup that I can freeze.  Speaking of freezing we need a new freezer.  Our old one is ancient and doesn't freeze things solid near the top.  We avoid putting any meat in it now and I'd really like to be able to use it to stock up on meats or meals we've made.  So I'm off to see if I can find an inexpensive chest freezer that will fit where the old one is.

Both the soup and the freezer are going to happen sometime next week or when we can afford them.  Right now we are trying to eat all the foods in the freezer first before making anything to freeze in it.  Plus then we don't spend any money.  We do end up eating some very weird combinations of foods but heck as long as there's a couple of veggie servings along with a carb and a protein it's all good.


Erin said…
We are in freezer cleaning mode too LOL, dinner can get pretty strange! I'm glad you are feeling better, I'm no different, I can take the "ouch" kind of pain no problem but things like the cold or flu really can wipe you out for a while afterwards.
Sparkless said…
Erin, pain that is long lasting and low level like in a cold must just sap our energy and the sharp pain that doesn't last we can take better because it lasts less long.

Ah, the dreaded freezer clean out. You're doing it too. We should post the odd food combinations we've been eating. I'm guessing yours will involve lots of peppers?

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