Remember the neighbour I told you all about who we figured was a drug dealer?  Well today there was an article in the paper that said he was caught with cocaine and has been found guilty of trafficking.  He will spend 15 months in jail!!!!!!  Is it wrong to be excited that this guy is off the streets?  Other than being a drug dealer he seemed to be a nice guy. 

Now we just need to get rid of the people who live next door to us.  They were friends with this guy and I think they are also doing a bit of dealing on the side now.  Both the man and his wife don't have jobs.  The man has MS and his wife has who knows what.  They may actually be ill and not able to work but they sure can smoke pot and make a huge mess of their yard.  They also have people popping by all the time who don't get out of their cars and they are forever driving somewhere that only takes a few minutes.  They do this lots at night.  Who makes 10 or more trips of less than 10 minutes in their car at night unless you are dealing drugs?

We took the a/c out of the kitchen window early this year because it's been so cool at night.  Even if it heats up we know it won't last and we still have fans out.  Today our next door neighbours hung a big polar fleece blanket with a horse on their clothesline it right in front of my kitchen window totally blocking my view of anything and any light.  The day before that there was a purple thong on the line flapping in the breeze.  I wish there was a bylaw that people can't have clothes lines that close to their neighbours windows or if they do hang clothes that the clothes can't block the neighbours view.  Their clothesline in only about 3 feet from our house, maybe less.  Some day when it's windy their clothes hit the side of our house.

I don't really like the view of their horrible yard out my kitchen window but it's the only window we have and I can see the mountains out that window too so if they block that I'm not a happy person.   We also found out the youngest son who is the same age as my daughter is no longer living there.  He's gone to live with his mom.  Poor kid had a rough time here as did his older brother.  His older brother graduated high school last spring so I have no idea what he's doing now.  We haven't seen him much and don't know if he's still living there.

The husband just came home and told me that yesterday while he was out doing yard work he noticed a whole bunch of people kept dropping by the drug dealers house.  He wondered what was up.  Now we know they were all trying to find out how the dealer's court case went.  One less creep on the streets but unfortunately a bunch more will move on in to take his place.  UG!


Erin said…
I'm glad he's out of there, we had a similar situation with our next door neighbor a few years back and it made me so nervous when hubby was on deployment for 9 months. I'd be sitting in the quiet, reading a book in bed and hear yelling, knocking (pounding) on the door over there, headlights at all hours of the night, ugh.
Sparkless said…
Erin I'm glad he's in jail too. I have two teens and the last thing I need dealer living two houses away. Glad your neighbours aren't there anymore. I can't imagine how difficult it would be living alone with two small boys and having to deal with that situation.

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