Wild Weather

The thing about living in the mountains is you can't really see the weather coming until it's almost on top of you.  Yesterday it was sunny all morning and then I noticed it was getting dark outside.  I looked out the window to the East and the sky was clear but look to the West and this is what you saw.
 Photo: Storm coming in from the west.

The other thing about living in the mountains is that no matter how bad it looks it never lasts that long.  I think it took only 15-30mins for this storm to blow itself out.  We had a few flashes of lightening and it rained so hard I thought it was hailing.  It didn't last long though and after 30mins the sun was back out.

It did the same thing today.  There are some white fluffy clouds in the sky but the sun is out again.  The cats don't like the thunder and they are both still hiding so I'll have to entice them out with some cat treats.  I hope this helps the fires in the US and Peachland that has been sending smoke this way.

The weather has been totally unpredictable this year, at least here it is.  


Erin said…
neat photo!
Mama Pea said…
Wish we could get a good drenching. We can smell smoke outside this morning from burning forest fires. They aren't close to us, but the thought is uncomfortable all the same. Our area is nearly tinder dry right now. Ugh.
Sparkless said…
Erin, thanks. The sky was so dark and the clouds were so low it looked kinda scary and we ever had tornadoes I'd have been worried.

Mama Pea, I hope you get a good rainfall soon. No lightening though cause that will just cause more forest fires and no one needs that.

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