Thanksgiving and Almost Set For the Snow

It's Thanksgiving weekend here.  We will be driving to the in-laws house for Sunday Thanksgiving meal and then up at my parents house on Monday for our second Thanksgiving meal.  And you know what?  I still won't be sick of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, beans, or pumpkin pie.  We may just have to buy a Turkey roll to eat at home later.

Canadian Thanksgiving is a bit more laid back than the US one.  It's more about the Harvest than about Pilgrims and shopping for Christmas.  It's a quiet meal with family.  We don't decorate or do anything special other than get together and eat the traditional turkey meal.  So I'm really looking forward to doing just that.

The fall weather has been spectacular here.  It's been sunny for weeks on end.  It's still a bit chilly but that's fall weather and totally normal.  We haven't had a hard frost yet either.  So I still have time to work on my gardens if it weren't for these stupid little fruit flies that are out in masses.  They have these light blue furry butts and there are so many of them they get in your hair, up your nose, in your mouth and in your eyes.  It's worst when you aren't moving around like kneeling down weeding or trimming bushes.   They stick to everything too. I know that if I wait for them to die off in a week or so that the wet cold weather could hit and I'll have missed my window of opportunity, but what are you gonna do?

And to continue this post I started last Saturday being it's now Tuesday night.  The sun is still shining but we know it's coming to and end and the rain will come so the husband and I are going to take the sunshade down tomorrow and put away a few of the outside chairs.  We'll leave a couple of chairs out there and the big wooden table that we can't fit in the garage.  We'll cover the table before the snow and put the chairs in the garage.  Now all we need to do is to put the winter tires on and we are set for the snow!


Mama Pea said…
I've always thought your time for a Thanksgiving celebration was so much more appropriate than ours. It seems being closer to actually harvesting time would be better. By the end of November (here in the U.S.) Thanksgiving is months from harvest and too close to Christmas. Bah-humbug!
Erin said…
I had no idea you even had a Thanksgiving, is it called the same? You are right, any time is a good time for a fantastic holiday meal and I certainly wouldn't mine doing it twice :)
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, I agree Thanksgiving should be a harvest holiday close to the harvest.

Erin, yup it's called Thanksgiving and it's more a harvest holiday than what you have in the US which from what I'm told is a celebration of the Pilgrims Thanksgiving meal.

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