Peach Cobbler

We were given a big bucket of peaches that were very ripe.  Had to do something with them right away so we took off the skin and took out the pits and froze a bunch in bags.  We left a few out to eat in the next couple of days and the husband baked a peach cobbler.  Well I'm not sure if it's a true cobbler because he put oats in it.  He found a recipe on the internet as a guide and then just threw it together without bothering about measurements.  That's just the kind of cook he is.

The finished product didn't look very pretty but I can tell you warm peach cobbler with a scoop of ice cream is to die for!

The color is off in this picture a bit because I had to use my phone to take the picture.  When I went to use my camera I found that someone had left it on and the battery was dead so I couldn't use the good camera.  So it doesn't look nearly as yummy as it tasted and I'm  not a big fan of peach cobbler so it must of been good.


Erin said…
Looks great!
Mama Pea said…
Fresh peaches and ice cream . . . what could be wrong with it??
Sparkless said…
Now if only you two lovely ladies could come and have a bowl of cobbler and a cup of tea. That would be truly wonderful!
It looks pretty tasty to me and glad to hear it was tasty...I wouldn't turn it down!
Yep, those knitting needles are calling your name....
Sparkless said…
I think I will join you and knit something. I have some beautiful orange wool that I want to make a hat from for my daughter.
So I'll join you for a tea and some knitification.

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