The Big Dig

Well the water main was replaced last week.  The machine they used barely fit in our yard.  When they started to dig our whole house was shaking so I decided my nerves would be better if I took off shopping and then went up to my parents house.  Plus the water was off at our house and although we had saved plenty of water to drink and flush the toilet the noise and shaking was making me anxious.

I took this picture of the digger starting to dig from the back security camera.  It barely fits in the yard.  The husband had taken out the sod so we could put it back in but so much of the grass was dug up or damaged because of the huge machine that we have a big bare patched now.
From what the husband tells me the dig did not go smoothly.  The plumber hit the sewer line and had to repair it.  Our brand new sewer line too!  When he got to the city shut off he noticed that the city line was leaking so he called them and left the hole open in the alley.  The city had to send an employee out to put up barricades so no one would drive into the hole.  The guy thanked us for the 4 hours of overtime he got for doing that.  LOL!  The plumber saved the city money by not filling in the hole so they didn't have to dig it back up.
The city had problems because they kept bringing in different types of equipment to open up the hole more and they removed all the cement from behind our garage.  We were told the city would pour a new cement pad there but so far they have only left their barricades and haven't poured any cement.  We are hoping they are waiting for better weather and to have a few jobs to do all at once to make getting a big truck full worth the cost.
In this picture below you can see a city worker and their much newer digger in the alley.  The husband filled that trench in by hand except for the part by the fence.  
Our yard is mostly dirt which is bad because the soil here is contaminated with heavy metals from the local smelter.  We phoned the place about getting sod because it's so much faster than trying to grow grass from seed and the birds just eat the seed and the cats dig holes in the dirt.  Looks like it will be a month which is actually about a month early so I guess that's good.  I just want my grass back and all that icky dirt gone.  The husband did put the fence back up but is still working on getting the gate put back on.  Then he has to put the cement pads back where the sunshade goes to make the little patio area.  We also have to pour some cement where the sidewalk near the house was dug up.  I'm glad they didn't break my two clothes lines although I'm not going to use them until that dirt is covered up with sod or cement.
We are going to have the plumber come back and replace some old pipes to the kitchen sink.  The old pipes make it difficult to replace the taps.  The husband has replaced the tap and handles twice now and each time it's a nightmare of diddling about to get things to fit.  Replacing those old pipes will make it so much easier.
Then maybe next year we can redo the bathroom if it doesn't rot away before then.  You can't get the black off the walls in the shower because they used some kind of cheap plastic tile that looks very much like flooring on the shower and tub surround.  We need to rip out those walls and put some cement board up and some nice tiles after insulating the walls properly.  The sink and toilet needs to be moved too but all that's going to be for another time when we can afford it.

So that's what I've been up to the past few weeks.  Moving big rocks, raking dirt and constantly vacuuming the floors.  It's amazing how much dirt gets inside even when we don't wear our shoes in the house.  The daughter's cat has been coughing a bit lately due to his asthma.  I'm a bit worried about him but we have no money for a vet visit so unless he is in distress he will have to survive.  He's not coughing often or much so whatever is bothering him isn't too bad.  He's still taking his medication so that's something.  We've all been sick with a cold the past week too.  The daughter is our typhoid Mary.  Shes always the first sick and passes it on to the rest of us.  I resisted it for over a week and then succumbed the second we were supposed to go to my nephew's birthday.  I had to stay home and keep my germs to myself.  I felt like death anyway so wasn't up to going.

So that's my progress report.  I'd share pictures of my crocuses but I'm afraid they are almost finished.  They came up so early this year that I missed them.  When I finally noticed they were up and in bloom they were almost all done and not at their best.  Oh, well there's always next year.  I'm off to bed now in hopes that I'll be able to sleep.  Night all.


Mama Pea said…
Oh my gosh! I really hate that stage of getting something "fixed" when it all looks so awful. Good that you have the pictures because you WILL forget what a mess it was once everything is put back together again. Hang in there!
Sounds like the worst of it is over! And now you have a nice new water main!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, I hate when things get so messed up you can't possibly think they will ever go back together. It's still a big mess but we are waiting for the sod now and that will happen when the weather is better.

Debra, you are right, the worst is over and now we don't have to worry about the old water main breaking. The plumber said it actually did break while he was removing it. Just one touch and the thing broke so it's good that we didn't wait to replace it much longer.

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