Spring break is almost over.  My kids go back to school Monday.  Now I can stop feeling guilty cause they were bored the entire time.  If teens can't find something to occupy their time than that's their fault, right?  Don't answer that question.

It was another glorious spring day with some sunny weather.  I really need to get outside and take some pictures of what is growing in the gardens cause you all want to see what greenery there is.  I'll try to remember to do that tomorrow.

I've almost finished our income tax return and we'll be getting a hefty return as usual but we'll be putting most of that into the kids' education account.  The rest will go to pay the water/sewer/garbage bill.  It's not very exciting to get an refund anymore because we always have way too many things to put that money towards.  We really should reduce the husbands deductions so the gov't isn't holding our money all year collecting interest on it.  We could have that money and collect interest on it instead.  At least that is what I would hope would happen but in all likelihood that money would be spend on one thing or another.

Here is a list of some of the things that we really need:
Bathroom remodel - there is mold growing, the taps don't work and the floor is peeling up, don't even ask about the toilet
New couch and chair - Our couch has a broken spot on it and we've tried to fix it but can't seem to get it right.  We only have a couch and computer chair in our living room so it would be nice to have a comfy chair to read in instead of having sit on the broken spot on the couch because that is where the lamp is for reading.  We'd move the lamp but can't plug it in anywhere else and don't want to run an extension cord across the room. 
New stove - Our stove has only two elements that work properly.  One is totally broken (my dad can't even fix it) and the other heats up and won't turn down.  The oven heats very unevenly and is hard to do any baking in.  This stove is very old and was handed down to us from my older sister who also bought it second hand.
Bedside table - I'd like to have a bedside table with a drawer instead of plastic tub.  I don't think that's too much to ask for.
Fans - We need a fan over the stove and one in the bathroom.  When you cook the entire house smells like what you cooked for days and so does all your towels and cloths.  The fan in the bathroom would help vent the air after showers and toilet uses.  No one likes their house smelling like an outhouse!

Those are the most important things that need to be fixed right now.  I've got my fingers crossed that the car doesn't break down or need new tires for awhile but I know I'm pushing it to wish that because it will need to get done as soon as we save enough for something else.  We never seem to get caught up.  Oh well that's life.

Today was pay day so I feel rich because right now we have lots in the bank, at least until the bills are paid we do.  I'm just going to enjoy that feeling for a bit longer.  Add that to the kids going back to school on Monday and I'm feeling pretty good.


Erin said…
I sure know that payday feeling LOL! Does Canada have decent student loan programs? I only ask because we decided years ago to forego the education stuff in favor of our basic needs - Both my parents, both brothers and I all paid for our college using strictly low interest education loans (mine is at 1.9%, not bad!). I think saving for education is a bit overrated but ONLY if you have nice loan programs available to them that they qualify for. I personally think I did better in college too since I knew I was going to be on the hook for paying for it LOL!! I'll say a prayer for you that you are able to stretch that tax refund to cover what you need, we just finished doing the same. It goes so quickly, doesn't it?!
Sparkless said…
It depends on how poor you are whether you qualify for student loans. I haven't looked at them lately because they change them so often who keeps up with that unless they need to? And I know that up here we have pitiful scholarships compared to the US. Instead of getting a full scholarship for a year to a school we get some small amount of money that barely pays for a couple of books. So a kid has to get tons of scholarships to even get close to paying for tuition. I think it's become way more difficult for kids to go to University. We used to be able to work for the summer (living at home rent free of course) and make enough to cover tuition. Not now, a kid would have to work for at least a year at minimum wage to be able to pay for a year at school.
The costs have gone up and workplace pay has not. Without full scholarships or at least not many of them kids now dream of post secondary education and end up mortgaging their futures before they even get out of school.
I had student loans too but my parents helped with costs as much as they could to help keep my loans down as much as possible.
I don't expect to be able to save enough to pay for my kids post secondary educations I just hope to have enough saved to get them started.
Here's hoping our tax refunds are bigger than expected and stretch farther than hoped for.

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