Spring Snow

Spring has come early to many places this year including here.  Well mostly it has come early.  Today we had every type of weather.  It started out cloudy, rained a little bit, then snowed really hard for a bit and then rained again and finally just before supper the sun came out.  It was a glorious spring day.

That's how spring is unpredictable.  It can do anything at anytime so you have to watch out.  Don't dare take your winter tires off just yet or put away your winter clothing.  Winter will lash out a few more times and may even hit us hard yet.

I've been feeling like spring myself.  I'm hot and then cold, sunny and then showers and pretty much everywhere else in between.  I seem to want to sleep way too much.  I mean really who needs over 12 hours of sleep a night unless they are ill?  I just don't have any zing.  I even tried bribing myself with a new book if I got up early.  Didn't work.  I woke up to the alarm and then didn't get up because I couldn't think of a book that I really wanted and thought that it doesn't matter if I get up early or late so why bother.

I've always dreamed of getting to sleep in and now that I have it, I want to get up early!  LOL!  Yup, it's true, be careful what you ask for cause you just might get it.

The husband has a cold and I'm sure we'll all get it too.  He says that lots of people at work have a cold right now so it must be one of those strong viruses.  I've got my herbs ready but no chicken stock made.  I need to get me some chicken bones and make some stock.  I'm trying to get away from those prepackaged soups that are so high in salt and other nasty stuff. 

And another problem with sleeping late is you aren't tired at a normal time to go to sleep.  It's 12:30am and I can't sleep.  I really should just get my rear out of bed at a regular time and then I'd be tired at a regular time.  But then who says what is regular?  I like night.  No one bugging you, no noise, and you can't do noisy chores or you risk waking people up.  The stores are closed so you can't do errands.  See there are benefits to being up at night.  It's the most stress free time you will every have unless of course you need to be up early, which I don't.

So I'm now thinking I'll stay up a bit later and try to finish my book.  Then tomorrow I'll wake up when I wake up and just stop worrying about sleep.  If I sleep I sleep if I wake up I'll get up.  No one is keeping score.


Mama Pea said…
I do think it would help for all of us to get ourselves centered (whatever that means to each of us!) if we could function for a certain amount of time on our own time frame/schedule. Somehow though, life does tend to interfere with that plan! Sigh. I just wish I could feel as totally exhausted and neeeeeding sleep when I lie down at night . . . as I do when I need to get up in the morning!
Erin said…
I went through a period like that last fall, after the kids went out the door I'd fall asleep on the couch until like 10 am, I hated it since I'm normally an early riser with no problems with fatigue. It went away thankfully so I'm chalking it up to one of those periodic bouts associated with perimenopause LOL! Hope you are feeling better soon.
Sparkless said…
It must be the change of weather Mama Pea and Erin. I'm hoping spring will jolt me out of this lethargy.

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