Tick Tock

We are still waiting to hear anything about the husband's test results and he still has a couple of more tests to have done.  I told the husband to give the Dr a call and see when he's going to be scheduled for those tests and when he needs to come in to discuss his other results.  Of course he didn't do it.  big sigh

The Mother-in-law we talked to tonight and she's just insane or a drug addict.  I'm not sure which one at this point.  She goes to the oncologist about pain in her shoulder and talks to him about her sinuses.  She doesn't have cancer she just likes to go to Dr's.  Really she is a nut bar or is drug seeking.  Since her second hip replacement last Sept she's off all her pain meds so maybe she's kind of addicted and is looking for some more?  The vague and never ending symptoms confuse her Dr's and they end of pawning her off on another Dr. because they can't find anything wrong with her.  Her mother was a hypochondriac too so at least she comes by it honestly.  Another big sigh.

My second mom is doing well and is not getting her operation until after they finish up the chemo.  I just wish they'd make up their minds about treatment  instead of constantly changing things.  That must be so hard to take.  I'm just glad she is doing well and the chemo isn't too bad for her.

That's about the only spark of good news I've had and I'm going to have to hold on tight to it because now our teachers are going on strike.  They have been in wage negotiations for a year now and have been on a modified strike where they didn't do any administrative duties but still taught.  This was to cause the least disruption for the kids.  But now our lovely gov't is going to pass a law so the teachers can't strike.  So the teachers had  a strike vote before the gov't could pass the bill and they go out on strike next Monday.  They can only strike three days out of a week and have to give two days notice before.  But by the end of next week the gov't will have passed their bill into law and the teachers won't be able to go on strike for the rest of the school year.

I'm in support of the teachers fully.  But the crappy part about all of this is the timing.  My kids get spring break the week after next.  That means next week they have Mon thru Wed off and go back Thurs and Fri.  Then they are off for two weeks on spring break.  So not only do I have to figure out how to keep them amused during spring break but for an extended weekend just before.  If the weather was nice we could go somewhere but it's always crappy in March, cold and snow/rainy.  We can't afford to go on a trip anywhere.  Plus most of the other parents are working so I end up driving the kids all over just to get them out of the house.  We end up with a bunch of kids here at our small house.  I can't afford the gas or the food to feed anyone else!  How do you tell your kids that their friends can't come over or you can't drive them anywhere?  How do I tell them they have to say inside doing nothing because we can't afford to feed their friends or drive anyone anywhere?  UG!  I hate spring break!  Why can't it only be a week long like everyone else?  Two weeks is way too long.  Super big sigh

And I just got the rest of the husbands tax forms to find out he made less last year than the year before.  I knew we were hurting more than usual but now I know why.  He made several thousand less last year and everything has gone up in price.  I'd say we are about $10,000 behind this year than in previous years due to rising costs and his not making as much.  We may even be eligible for gov't assistance of some sort.  How truly sad is that?  I've been searching for work of any kind and there just isn't anything.  If I could afford to go back to school I would but I'd have to take out a loan to pay for it and we don't qualify.

So we are looking at poverty and I'm thinking we need to grow more food this year.  If I can't find a job of any sort then I'd better be growing some food.  And that's how I'm dealing with poverty, one seed at a time.


Erin said…
Sorry to hear about the tax stuff, I hate seeing that info down in black and white. We actually are within "poverty guidelines" here in the U.S. - pretty maddening since hubby is a military member, but that's common to see military families on public assistance here. That's what you get in return for serving the country I guess. Used to be that at least it was STABLE employment, but that's no longer the case either with the govt letting people go before their contracts end. You are definitely being proactive by growing more stuff - what zone are you? I would be glad to send you any extra seeds I have to help get you going. Hmmm.... there's an idea, put those kids to work building some raised beds during spring break LOL! Do you have anyplace you can pick up old lumber for free? I've even "built" beds out of old concrete blocks and bricks we had strewn about from the prior owners here. You can make them out of straw bales too. Maybe the kids can tap some of their teenage creativity! Praying for those test results to come back soon for your hubby and that it's something very manageable, you don't need any more stress! Hugs to you,,,,
Mama Pea said…
So sorry to hear things are still too stressed out and there's not much good news.

Explain to the kids about the very real lack of money for gas and groceries in relation to spring break. They'll understand.

Being in an economically depressed area makes it triple tough when trying to find a job that will bring a little more money in.

Yes, gardening is the way to go for this summer. You'll be surprised how much you can grow to feed your family. Erin's suggestion for building raised beds is super. The kids might grump and groan at first but I have a feeling they'd get into it. Especially the pride they'd get from being part of actually producing food for the table!

Maybe you should make some of those calls on your hubby's behalf. Sometimes things get lost in the shuffle (like test results) and being proactive is the only way to get things done.

When we first moved up here, hubby took such a cut in teaching salary to obtain ANY teaching job that we were technically qualified for food assistance. Didn't seem right because he was a teacher! Erin's situation with the military is even worse to hear about. Arrrrgh!
Sparkless said…
Erin, we still have snow on the ground so we can't start any gardening yet, unfortunately. We are in zone 5 I believe. It's so frustrating to be working so hard for so little. Amazing that they pay military people so little, shocking really.

Mama Pea, I may just make those calls for the husband if he doesn't do it very soon. I agree that military people should get a much better wage both in the US and Canada. I'm hanging in there and making as many plans for the gardens as is possible while there is still snow on the ground.

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