Just after I posted the last message I noticed a car pull up next door.  Out jumps this guy who then stands on the sidewalk right in front of our house and takes a pee.  He wasn't even trying to hide at all just right in front of our big living room window taking a pee on the sidwalk!  I wasn't sure at first what he was doing so told my husband to take a look.  The husband went to the window and banged on it to alert the guy that he'd been seen.  The guy says sorry and jumps back in his car telling his friend that "that guy is mad".  Well, duh!  You just peed in public in front of our house!  No we like people using our yard as a toilet.

I can't believe anyone would do that.  Oh and he tossed a can of some sort out onto the grass in front of the neighbours house.  I can still see the wet mark on the sidewalk where he peed.

I told people that stuff went on out there that they wouldn't believe and now I have proof!  People peeing.  I should put him on YouTube!


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