Feeling My Age

Today I woke up and felt terribly old. I'm pretty old as it is and no I'm not telling you my age, I already know how old I am. My husband is at work all weekend and it's just me and the kids. If I had the slightest bit of energy or money I'd take them out on an adventure. Instead my son went off to have an adventure at his friend's house and my daughter spent most of her time reading a book in her room.

Not only am I old I'm boring!! I've never been the life of the party but sheesh when even my sister got off the phone quickly I'm beginning to take it all personally. Yes, it's most likely that she has a life and things to do where as I don't. But I bet she doesn't have a blog! A blog that no one reads. LOL!

I was thinking today about some of the green things we do and I've started a list so that I can pat myself on the back. Here's some of the things on the list:
1. hang laundry to dry
2. have only one car, don't drive to work (in our defense we live in a small town and you pretty much have to have a car or the kids wouldn't be able to get to their activities etc).
3. bake bread, pretty much cook everything from scratch
4. bought locally grown organic grains to mill
5. live in a very small house
6. clean with vinegar and baking soda
7. rarely buy new things, always make do and mend
8. use a keeper and cloth menstrual pads
9. fix things ourselves even if it means they don't get fixed for months cause we can't figure out how to do it.
10. turn the heat way down in the cold months, in hot months use fans and open windows as much as possible.
11. don't buy bottled water, we use our own bottles and tap water
12. make our own coffee and use a travel mug when going out
13. shop in used clothing stores
14. grow vegetables in our flower gardens
15. make our own lunches in reusable lunch bags.
16. use our own shopping bags

We are a pretty green family and getting greener all the time. Now I don't feel old I feel much better cause at least I'm green!


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