Frugal Fantasies

Well I'm pretty tired of being dirt poor. I'm the only person I know who owns only two bras and hand washes one out each night to dry. I mend my underwear for goodness sakes! Those two things are actually not because I'm frugal but because I can't find sizes that fit properly. If I find a good bra I usually buy a couple and the same for underwear. I'll keep my eye out for properly fitting ones but they are hard to find in this small town. And because we live so far from any larger towns where shopping would be better we can't afford to travel there to go shopping.

The internet should have something but I've found that anything one buys online is more expensive and possibly will not fit properly so I'll leave clothing shopping off my online shopping do's.

Right now I am on a quest for new bras. I think I may have found some in the Sears catalogue but I'll order one to make sure and hope that if it fits they will still be instock when I try to order another couple.

I've been line drying my clothes but I draw the line at undies. I do not hang my underthings on the clothes line. My neighbor does and believe me what we see in front of our kitchen window is enough to make you run screaming from the room. We had a drove (bunch of bras hanging together = a drove) of bras hanging there the other day and then the next day some thongs!!! Ewwwww is all I can say. Hang your delicates inside the house so they aren't destroyed by the sun if not for the neighbors' sakes.

We have been running our two window a/c units long hours each day. I'm worried what our electric bill is going to be but it's hot here, up to 40C, and I just can't tolerate that kind of heat. Tonight is was 24C at 10pm and nary a breeze to cool my brow. So the a/c is still on and will likely be on until 12am.

I'm going to start turning power bars off at night and see if we notice any changes in our energy usages. They call many machines secret power guzzlers. Things with remotes are always using energy so it's best to put them on power bars and turn them off when not in use. This should save some money.

I've already converted all the lights to energy saver bulbs. I know we could save a ton if we could insulate our house and replace all the single pane glass windows but we can't afford that expense. I should turn off the computer more often and limit my use of it so that it's not running for most of the day.

With school coming up in Sept I'm going to need money for school supplies, clothes and activity fees. We don't buy many new clothes and just get the kids a couple new shirts and pants for school. Running shoes can be expensive so hopefully they won't need new pairs right away. We went through their old school supplies and are reusing as much of them as we can. I do have to buy some pens, pencils, erasers, duotangs and paper.

Then there is activity costs with my son in violin and daughter in gymnastics. I'm hoping I save enough for those but it's looking bad for that. My husband just spend almost $100 to fix a dripping tap!

The bathroom sink taps needed to be replaced. He bought a new set and went to put it in. Well they didn't reach the old pipes so he needed to go buy that flexi hose stuff to make a proper connection. Then the drain would not go back in. Don't ask why he took the drain out. He had to buy a new drain and plug assembly. Then he had to buy caulking to recaulk the back of the sink against the wall and the drain which leaked. Hopefully tomorrow we'll have our sink back in order because we only have one bathroom.

Next the toilet needs to be replaced! It's uninsulated and the tank drips all winter because of condensation. Now the thing runs and doesn't flush properly. If the toilet was insulated and not a horrible pink color we'd just buy new parts to replace those worn out but this toilet has had it's day and is gonna go to the recycle center very soon. I'm sure this new toilet is going to cost twice what we expect and won't go in properly so new parts will be needed and possibly a night over at my parents house cause we can't stay in a house with no working toilet. Please pray that the toilet replacement doesn't take days like the taps in the bathroom did!


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