Cutting it Close and The Cursed Bathroom

I finally found out if my son starts high school and when. The reason no one knew until now was that they were in the process of building a new high school right next to the old one. The poor kids last year had to put up with the construction on their playing field. They had no field for sports and parking anywhere was hit and miss because of construction crew needing the parking spaces. I believe they are still furiously doing finishing work inside the new school and the old school is still in the process of being torn down.

So at the end of the school year last year we had no idea if they would start on time or how they would manage if things got way behind. Looks like they are starting and just 2 days later than normal.

This kind of messes with my week cause I'm used to both kids starting school on the same day and time. Now I have to get used to kids going to two different schools and starting at different times. The high school is on the semester system too which the elementary school is not so this is going to mess up my quiet days at home.

And if that's not bad enough the elementary school has changed their start time to a half hour earlier. So instead of having to get up at 7am to get the kids out the door in time for school at 8:50am I have to get one kids out the door to start school at 8:15am. UG! Seven am I can handle but any time with a six at the front of it is gonna be a problem for me. The high school starts at 8:34am and my son can walk there so he won't have to get up so early. My daughter on the other hand has to take a bus and although it's only a five minute car ride to the school the bus makes it over half hour trip.

Now I just have to keep watching the newspaper for the bus schedule for my daughter to find out how early she'll have to be at the bus stop. I figure it will be around 7:40am. I may just have to drive her some days so I can sleep in for an extra half hour.

Oh, and we won't know which teacher she gets at school for a week or more. I don't know why they can't give the kids that info a bit earlier. My daughter has been dreading finding out if she got this certain teacher all summer now. She had a rotten teacher last year and I really hope this year she gets the better teacher. She really doesn't do well with teachers who yell even though she never gets yelled at it's the stress of thinking if she does anything wrong she'll get yelled at that was almost more than she could take last year.

Oh and I think our bathroom is cursed. Yes CURSED!!! The toilet is constantly not flushing properly, the tub surround needs to be replaced, the floor tiles are coming up, the sink taps are still not fixed properly and tonight the lights won't come on. Normally I'd go downstairs and check the fuse box but if you saw our basement and where the fuse box is you'd know why I'm not gonna do it. Our basement is where spiders go to die, literally. It used to be a hole dug out under the kitchen with a hatch. It's only as big as the kitchen too. The rest is just dirt and only about 2 feet of space between the dirt and bottom of the house.

At some point someone decided to get rid of the kitchen hatch and made a door outside to get into the basement. Now there is a gas furnace and hot water tank in this little spot along with some of our stuff stored. And up on a dirty wall is the fuse box. No, it's not those old fuses it's a new one with switches. At least I wouldn't have to take out those old glass bulb things but I'd have to stand on a chair or ladder to get to the fuse box. We don't have a ladder. Well technically we have a ladder but it was here when we bought the house and is made of wood so I'm not getting up on that old rickety thing.

I am also not hauling a chair outside and down those stairs to get to the fuse box. Instead I had my daughter get the battery powered lantern to use in the bathroom until my husband gets home at 11pm. He can fiddle around in the basement trying to figure out which unlabeled switch to click. Too bad no one has figured out it's a good idea to label those switches and what they control. But that's my husband, not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

So all these problems with the bathroom has led me to believe it's cursed. If one more thing goes wrong with this bathroom I'm gonna gut it myself and put a new bathroom in. Believe me that won't be a pretty sight and I'm sure some new swear words will be developed in the process.


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