The Trades

I've noticed that people complain about trades people a lot. Seems you can't find a repair person who will show up within a reasonable amount of time and then actually fix what is broken. They take forever to get to your house and waste hours of your time while you have to be home waiting for them and then they need to order parts which takes weeks. I wonder why they haven't heard of overnight delivery service.

Due to the overwhelming number of complaints I've heard about trades people I started to wonder why they were like this. Sure fixing things is a difficult job and time management isn't always an easy task when your jobs don't go as quickly as you hoped but come on there must be some jobs that get done quickly. Those should surely compensate for the ones that take much longer than planned.

Then it occurred to me that way back in high school only the lowest achievers where ever encouraged to take up a trade. If you had half a brain in your head you were expected to go to college or university and get some high paying clean desk job. Not that trades jobs aren't high paying now but at that time that was the thought.

You didn't want your child becoming a plumber, electrician or mechanic. Those were dirty jobs for the kids who couldn't manage school work. Seems to me we are reaping what we've sown.

We have the slowest learners and the least bright people populating our trades now. If you are a bright trades person you will be in high demand but the overwhelmingly majority of them seem to be a bunch of buffoons who can't communicate well and haven't heard of customer service or personal hygiene.

I've had my own problems with trades people. To get our roof done not only took much longer than it should but we had to constantly phone the guy to make sure he showed up. If your washer or dryer breaks down make sure you are ready to hand wash stuff for weeks cause it's unlikely a repair person will be able to show up for 2-5 days and then he'll have to order parts that will take another week to arrive and then it will be a few more days before he can come and put the new parts in. This is all assuming that the right parts were even ordered in the first place.

I know there are good trades and repair people out there but they are few and far between. If we encouraged kids with aptitude and who enjoyed this type of work to go into the trades instead of directing them to desk jobs we'd have way more competent trades people out there. Not to mention some people love to fix or build things and if that's your passion don't let anyone make you feel like learning a trade is for dummies. Us desk jockies need you to fix our leaky roofs, pipes and washing machines.


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