Men's Shrinking Brains

I am convinced that men have brains that shrink rapidly after birth. My husband is a grand example of the great shrinking brain hypothesis. Our sink is still not fixed, mostly because he can't get the cheap caulking to dry like it should. It's been 72 hours and instead of turning the clean color that it should it's still white. And no, he didn't buy white caulking I checked the tube myself to make sure. Some of the caulk is now clear but the stuff in the back won't dry. Plus I noticed a part where as it dried it fell in and made a hole. In other words the caulk was not pushed into the gap properly and there was a hole under the caulking. Of course DH claims we need to let it dry longer. It's been two weeks now without a bathroom sink people. How much dang longer do I have to wait?!!

And have I told you about the side mirror on the car? The little adjuster button is broken somehow and now you can't rotate the side mirror properly to see behind you. Even if you try to manually adjust it the mirror won't stay positioned correctly and goes right back to illuminating the ground. Grrrrrr! Shrinking brain husband tries to fix this and then when he can't proceeds to do nothing. I ask when the mirror is going to be fixed and he states he can't fix it. Ummmm okay you then take it somewhere and have someone with the know how fix it. Do you think my shrunk brain husband will every do that? Nope, nor do I.

His inability to ever take care of anything on his own is so frustrating. I get stuff done without him all the time. Why can't he take care of anything by himself? Oh, ya I forgot. His brain is shrinking! Well, he has to have some excuse so that's as good as any.

I haven't told you about the dryer yet have I? I haven't told my husband either because then he'll try to fix it himself and probably break something while doing it. As soon as he goes to work I'll see about getting a repair person in to fix it. And while I'm at it I'll phone the plumber to fix out taps and take the car to a mechanic and have the mirror fixed. Sure it will cost us more money than we can afford but at least thing will get fixed. If I left it up to my husband nothing would ever get fixed.

Right now he's hiding in the bedroom playing his guitar. He had the cell phone turned off yesterday and thus didn't get the call to work today. We could have really used that day of pay but I guess he'll just have to suck it up and work even harder now. I'll be off working my rear off trying to get everything fixed in the house, keep the kids dressed, the house clean, the banking done, the bills paid, the laundry done and all home maintenance tasks done. Want to know what my husband does? Me too.


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