Where have I been?

I was just checking up on all my favorite blogs and noticed that each have several entries. What? I checked them yesterday and there was nothing and today they have more than one entry? Did I sleep through a day or something? What the heck?!!

I'm going to try to figure out how to put pictures on here to entertain all my imaginary readers. Pictures will make things so much better. All the really good blogs have pictures. Oh, I just had a thought. I'll need a new camera to take all those pictures cause ours is really crappy. Hmmmm how will I manage to afford a new camera to take my pictures? Well my birthday is coming up so maybe I can get someone to give me some money and then save some more to buy that really good camera that will take those pictures that everyone else loves to look at. Or maybe it's not my camera at all maybe we are just really bad at taking pictures. Or it could all be in the editing too. With all those programs out there to fix and edit pictures there should be no excuse for a bad picture anymore.

So which do I need? A new camera or a good editing program? Maybe I'll just try to take better pictures and then post a few and see how that goes. Ya, that's what I'll do.

Oh and fall is here. I can feel it in the air and the nights are actually cool now. That happened for a week or so in early Aug too but it was just cause of the clouds and rain then it got hot again. But now it's for real. It's still hot and sunny during the daytime but at night it's so nice and cool now that I can sleep in peace without fans and a/c units blowing cold air on me all night. Ahhhhh I can barely wait till it's cold enough to sleep with the window closed so the sun doesn't shine in my face in the morning, then I will be truly happy and well rested again. Or maybe I should just sleep with my sun glasses on?


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