Two More Weeks!

It's just two more weeks before my kids go back to school. I love my kids, I really do but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. They are sick of me and I'm sick of them. They sat around most of the weekend because their friends are all away on holidays or busy. Makes me wonder why we aren't busy. Oh, now I remember, cause we have no money.

I love to watch my kids grow up. My son who is 13 is now 6 ft tall and has the longest legs you've ever seen! He's all bones and angles with a slight dusting of hair on his upper lip now. Sure I'd love to turn back the clock for a day and cuddle that sweet round baby body again but I love seeing what he's growing into just as much as I did watching him as a baby.

My 11 year old daughter amazes me daily with her energy and enthusiasm for life. I was a shy quiet child and unlike her in temperament. You can see her womanly curves starting too and even though she is still all angles and elbows she is starting to lose that little girl face. Lucky for me she's still much shorter than I am so I can still hug her and feel like the mom.

These two beautiful people who came from me and my husband are a joy and blessing to be a parent to. I couldn't ask for two more wonderful children, really I couldn't. To me they are perfect, amazing, and inspiring as they make their way through the end of their childhood to young adulthood. I only wish I could shelter them through all the difficulties to come as puberty hits full force and they must figure out who they are. But if I shelter them too much they won't learn so I have to be patient and wait for my moments. Wait to be invited in and needed again. Let them fall and learn and fall again to become stronger and wiser people.

I'm looking forward to the challenges of parenting a teen and a tween this next school year. I'm looking forward to watching their first steps at finding love and growing. So I'm happy to see them off to school and excited for them for all the firsts they will experience. And I'm thrilled to have some quiet time to myself where I can once again hear myself think!


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