It's Sooooo Quiet

All I can hear is the neighbours clomping around and slamming doors, the usual smelter noises, traffic and nothing else. Even when everyone but me is here it's still pretty noisy. I'd love to live where traffic, smelter and neighbour noises didn't exist. So I bought my lottery ticket and now wait.

What would I do if I won 16 million in the lottery? Well I'd pay off my debts first and there are many of them including to family members. Then I'd make sure to set up a retirement account and education accounts for the kids. After that I'd search for a piece of property and a house. The house would most likely be temporary as I'd really love to build a house that was environmentally friendly and off the grid.

Can you imagine being able to max your RRSP's every year! I'd like to have enough money just to have an RRSP. LOL!

I'd also donate money to my favorite charities and groups like the Gymnastics Club, SPCA, Hospital Foundation, etc. There are so many worthwhile groups and charities. I'd also love to set up some kind of a program for giving to local families in need. Something like giving them new cars or hiring people to do home repairs or giving them grocery cards or even paying for some kids to be in an activity for a year.

It's so much fun to think what one could do with that much money. I would also love to take a trip to Australia to visit my brother and his family and go to the British Isles. Oh and it would be so fun to pay off all my family members homes!

To think that if I won the lottery tonight I'd have something interesting to blog about too and not just my mind dribble. You could read about how we built our house or took a trip, which charities we helped out and how. But I'm afraid the likelihood of me winning the lottery tonight is slim so you'll just have to continue to put up with my brain dribble or read another blog. For now I'll enjoy the relative quiet.


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