Trips in the Car

I've just been reading about how everyone else makes life livable on long car trips with their kids or even short ones. It seems that children can't go five minutes without having food or a drink. Parents feel the need to shut their child up at all costs even if it means filling them up with food they don't really need and making huge messes in the car.

We have a rule in our car and it's no eating in the car. If you need to eat or drink something other than water stop the car and get out. This means our car is cleaner than most. We also avoid taking long car rides with the kids and rarely drive so our car is so clean it's the envy of everyone else.

Oh and I can't say enough about Gravol. Not only does it stop your kids from barfing and really messing up your car but it puts them to sleep and thus you don't need all those snacks and drinks and you avoid the whining entirely. Now I'm not advocating you drug your kids on car trips but since mine both get motion sick it's a necessity or we end up with two very sick kids. So I guess there is an up side to having kids who get motion sick and that is any trips we do take are quiet. We also don't take many trips and thus avoid the problem entirely. But seriously don't feed your kids in the car, that's just icky!


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