Garden Pictures

Here's my garden  pictures for July especially for Erin and Mama Pea.
Tomato jungle

carrots and lettuce, I ripped out the radishes on the end and haven't replanted anything yet.

Can you see the poor pepper plants under the tomatoes?

Cucumber plants

Basil in the white pot, strawberries in the brown planter, blueberry bushes and a few pea vines on the end.

Lovely lavender!

thyme in the white pot, painted rock and some sunflowers in the terracotta pot.


Mama Pea said…
You've got quite the garden going there, Missy! You do have a tomato jungle . . . super-healthy looking. Love, love, love garden pictures. Maybe I'll take some pictures of my non-garden soon. I'm growing some fantastic weeds this year. (I can almost hear them whispering to each other when I go out there: "How come she's not yanking us out by our roots this year? We've never made it this big or far into the season.")
Erin said…
Well, what were you waiting on with those photos girlfriend? Your garden looks fantastic! Those tomatoes look really healthy - make sure you post the first ripe one you get, I think you are on your way to quite a nice harvest this summer!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea your non-garden is bigger than my garden! I'd love pictures of it. Don't let those weeds get too big or they'll seed and next year you'll have a harder time with them. I know from experience.

Erin it is a tomato jungle. I think we planted those four tomato plants too close together. They are actually over the pepper plants but then the pepper plants aren't doing well mostly because my husband won't stop watering everything.

My harvest so far consists of some radishes, lettuce, two cups of blueberries and 5 cups of strawberries. I'm not counting the herbs.
Mama Pea said…
Ya know, one of my biggest fears of letting the garden(s) lie fallow this year was having weeds get away from me and propagate. I only managed to get the pumpkin patch and most of the raised beds either sown with a cover crop or mulched. The field garden is awful with weed growth. I've been in there three or four times trying to weed it but it's just too big an area to keep up with. Hubby wants to till it all under and that's what I may have to do.

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