I love a good storm with thunder and lightening.  We don't get many of them but when we do I love to be outside or watching them.  Today the forecast was for thunder showers.  It's been in the upper 90'sF all week so it's been hot enough to generate a good thunder shower. 

I see the clouds, they tantalize me but never manage to actually get here.  We live in a valley that gets very hot and seems to make all the clouds go off to the sides of the valley so most of the summer we don't get much rain.  It's hot here, hotter than any other part of Canada but no one knows about that because we are too small a town to have a weather center where they could actually verify our amazingly hot weather for a place this far North.

The wind picked up and I was sure that the wind would be able to drive those clouds our way and we'd get a shower at least.  We don't usually have high winds either so I did get to enjoy the wind tonight but no storm.  You could see the clouds all around us but nothing over us.  UG!  I'm sick of summer already and we haven't had more than a week or two of hot weather.  LOL!

So I'm still waiting for a good thunder shower.


judy said…
you must be in a place like Fertile MN. or Embarrass MN they are close together I believe,but they always seem to get much cooler temps than the rest of the state.I hate the heat and humidity,but growing up I don't remember talking about it much.You can tell already how far gone I am ,clue #1 can't remember clue #2 talk about the weather all the time-I'm afraid what clue #3 is I don't want to know that Alzheimer is stetting in---lol
Mama Pea said…
We got 1/2" of rain in a cloud burst late yesterday afternoon. I'd send some your way if I could. This morning it's so humid the moisture is dripping off everything outside . . . and maybe a little inside, too!
Sparkless said…
Judy I'm with you, I hate the heat but at least we don't have high humidity here. It's not Alzheimers it's lack of sleep from the heat. I get that every summer.

You can send the rain but keep the humidity Mama Pea. Or just send some cool weather, I'd be happy with something less than 90F.
Erin said…
I wish I could send you some! We've been having over an inch a day the last 6 days or so! It's miserably hot though, you wouldn't want that!
Sparkless said…
Erin I'll take some of your rain but you can have the humidity and heat.

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