I'm Testing My Mettle

Or is it "metal?"  I have no idea and I'm not going to look it up.  My daughter has had a slight cough for weeks now.  She's been fine otherwise so I haven't worried.  Some viruses just like to hang around.  But I decided to take a look at her throat and could see some small white spots on her tonsils.  I've been watching them for about 4 days now and they aren't getting better so I'm going to let a Dr. decide if it's an infection or something else.  She doesn't have a fever or feel bad just a slight cough now and again.

The mettle testing comes in because all week I don't have a car.  The husband and son are off to a violin camp.  That means I have to walk her down to the appointment.  I almost wish it were too far to walk to because then I'd have to borrow a car or get a ride.  It is totally within walking distance but it's so hot and my back has been bothering me lots.  So if I don't die of heat or pain from my back I should be back posting. 

Why the heck do these things always happen to me?  Why can't I just stay in bed with the covers pulled firmly over my head?  I need a holiday in a bad way and the only one I get is sleeping in where I can dream.  Yup I holiday in my dreams.  Hey, you take your holidays your way and I'll take mine any way I can get them!


Erin said…
I've always said "mettle" too, and I'm not looking it up, either! Sorry you are having so much heat, I just hate it and don't wish it on anyone! Hope your daughter is okay and it's nothing serious.
Sparkless said…
Thanks Erin. It was so not serious that the spots were gone today so I cancelled the appointment. We had a nice time at home doing crafts and watching Harry Potter movies.
Mama Pea said…
Well, I guess you weren't supposed to take that walk to the doctor's in the heat and with your bad back! Keep an eye on her throat though 'cause the white spots (should they reappear) could be a sign of something you'd want to get taken care of.

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