Oh My Goodness!

I know I post a lot of whining and bad things on my blog but sheesh that's what my life is full of so it's what I have to talk about.  I could use some good news though so please send some my way and I promise to post a huge blog all about it.

For now lets just say our car is having issues.  Not only is the a/c dead and would cost $1400 to fix, which we can't afford plus the car isn't even worth that much, but (wow run on sentence warning!) now it's overheating and the brakes are not working properly.  I had to borrow my dad's car today to go pick up the husband and kids because the car was making all sorts of weird noises and was overheating.

When we got back we drove out to where I had to leave the car, at the mall parking lot, to find that the radiator was empty.  My idiot husband doesn't know enough to check that every so often.  He hadn't checked the radiator fluid for a couple of years.  So now we don't know if there is a slow leak or a fast leak.  There shouldn't even be a leak because we had the radiator replaced a few years ago so it is brand new.  Grrrrr!

I have almost resigned myself to driving around in a roasting hot car but now I have to keep an eye on not only the brakes but on the temp of the engine.  That really means I will avoid driving pretty much anywhere if I can help it.  Plus we do not have any type of road service so if the car breaks down we will be on the hook to pay the full cost of towing. 

I am still hopeful that a miracle will happen and somehow we will be able to buy a better car, one that we all fit in properly and has a/c and no major issues.  Yes, I'm a dreamer but what the heck I don't have anything else, all I have is hope and I'm clinging to that will all my power right now.


Erin said…
Ugh, that's rough! These hard things seem to come one after another from my experience. For me, it's always during deployment, the water heater, heatpump, frozen pipes, sometimes I don't even remember how I got through it when that stuff happens. Hang in there!

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