My gardens are officially full of weeds.  The weeds are growing at a pace I cannot hope to keep up with.  I am hoping at some point to recruit the strong backs of my two teens to help attack those weeds and maybe even plant a few flowers and veggies.  It's still a bit cold for veggies but some hardy flowers will do fine. 

I've also got to decide what to do with my rose bushes.  I thought they were killed off a year ago when we had some really cold temps and no snow early in the fall.  They seemed dead last spring but they all came back but didn't flower except for my oldest one but it only flowered with small flowers sort of like a wild rose bush.

I'm thinking that the roots stock is the only part that survived.  From what I read most roses are grafted onto a common root stock.  So if the top part of your rose bush dies you only end up with a not so nice rose bush growing from the root.  If anyone knows about roses please put me in the know.  I'm not real sure what to do with them now because none of them produced a nice rose last year.  I can see each plant is growing leaves this spring but if they aren't going to flower or only flower with the small wild type roses then I want to get rid of them and plant some new roses. 

I'm so sad about my highly scented peach colored tea rose dying.  I loved cutting those and bringing them inside because a couple would scent the whole house.  They were amazing and such a pretty orange color.  I had a white rose that I planted a few years ago but it never really did very well.  I planted another red rose but it also never did well.  The last one I had has been here since we moved to our house 18 years ago.  It used to produce these large deep red roses, so pretty. 

And my lavender bushes are getting out of hand.  I need to either remove them or hack them way back.  One lavender bush has been here since we moved in and the other one I planted.  The one that's been here the longest has the best scent to the lavender so I don't want to mess with that bush cause I may kill it.  I'll give it a good trim.  It's crowding out the rose bush beside it.

We need to buy some bags of clean soil to amend the gardens.  We don't have compost because our house is too close to the neighbours for a compost bin.  Food compost is a bear attractant so we can't compost that and we don't have that much garden waste.  A compost bin would take up prime garden spots. 

Our soil is sandy and polluted by heavy metals so we like to keep adding fresh topsoil and compost to  keep it healthy.  It costs more but we don't have many gardens so it's affordable.  If we had a larger yard we'd make a compost bin and attempt to make some our selves.

My mind is on the yard this past week because everything is growing so fast.  Unfortunately we can't ever depend on it being sunny long enough to get anything done.  Just about the time I figure I should go outside and do a bit of gardening it clouds over and rains.  So then I have to wait until it drys a bit.  Pretty typical spring weather where it's unsettled and we see every type of weather in one day.

Wishing everyone who celebrates Easter a wonderful Easter.  We will be having a yummy turkey dinner at my mom and dad's house.  We are bringing homemade buns, mashed potatoes, roasted yams and carrots.  Seems to be a white and orange theme going on, maybe we'll bring beans instead of carrots.

We still have not heard back from hospital about when the husband's stress test will be.  The husband went to the Dr. and pretty much didn't ask any questions or get any answers.  His Dr. gave the husband the impression that he thought it was a panic attack.  But when I read possible side affects of the medication he was taking it said heart attack as one of them!!!  He also didn't get anything else to take for his gout.  He said his foot was feeling not bad and he took a few days off work.  He went back to work for three days and now his foot is way worse.  He could barely walk today.  He can't take advil either. 

The husband wants to wait for the stress test before he does anything else but if he doesn't deal with the gout in his foot he's going to be off work next week too.  Gout always sounds like something an old fat man who drinks too much would have which is far from what the husband is like.  He is only about 20 lbs overweight, doesn't drink at all, is fairly active, he walks to work and is on his feet all day at work, he doesn't eat fish cause he doesn't like it at all and doesn't eat many of the other foods they tell you to avoid. 

We can't figure out what dietary changes he should make. He drinks coffee but has cut back to a couple of mugs a day and he's been drinking way more water even though he drank about four or more big mugs of water a day.  He loves fruit and veggies way more than I do and eats fairly well except for a bit too much sugar and fats.  And from what I've read if his body has a high uric acid level dietary changes don't always help because some new research has shown there is a gene that causes high uric acid. There does seem to be a link to fructose found in soda so he'll have to avoid drinking soda.  He loves soda but only drinks it every couple of weeks or so anyway.  We aren't big soda drinkers.

So we will be attempting some dietary changes to improve both our health.  I'm going to start them slowly and when he gets over his bout of gout we'll start making up menus for the week which should help.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, this getting older business is not for the weak.  You have to be strong to get old! 


Mama Pea said…
I know nothing about roses, so won't even attempt to give any advice. From your post I see you are way ahead of me in the knowledge of roses anyway!

We have a good friend who has flare-ups of gout, too, and know it's a very painful ailment. One that seems difficult to cure. Hoping your husband can get in to the doctor soon and put your minds at ease over his health problems.
We've got a bit of greenery starting to push its way up out of our front flower beds. Tulips mostly. I hope your husband's gout eases soon. It's a sonovabitch of a condition.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, the worry and not knowing what happened or how to avoid it happening again is tiring. Hopefully we'll know more next week.

Debra, we used to have tulips but only a few hardy ones can make it through all the grass in the gardens now. Thanks for the well wishes for the husband he's limping around pretty bad today and we are hoping it will ease up before he has to go back to work Tuesday evening.

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