A Light and Then Wham, Back to the Dark

I still can't believe what's happened today.  The day started off pretty good.  The husband was off work but the weather was rainy so he couldn't work on the dang garage roof.  We've had months of sunshine and as soon as my husband starts to do the roof we get rain, rain and more rain.  All the plywood he put down is going to be ruined.  Of course he didn't bother to buy a new tarp to cover the roof and I'm sure the old one has tons of holes in it. 

The good news is the husband finally got a full-time permanent job!  He's been working part-time jobs and casual on call jobs for 18 years.  It's taken him this long to finally get a full-time permanent job.  Small towns are like this because no one quits and no one leaves a good job.  There are women who have worked where my husband does for 30 or more years.  It's hard when you are part of a Union to get work when you can't move up the seniority list because no one ever leaves or changes jobs.  But finally he snagged himself a job full-time.  So now we can sigh in relief that he is guaranteed enough hours every month for us to at least survive on.

And we couldn't just enjoy that feeling today.  Nope, we couldn't just bask in the glow of a good thing happening today.  Something crappy had to happen to take all the joy out of the day for us.  Our fridge died.  It's 16 years old but why today of all days? And to top it all off we had just done a huge grocery shop so we had to toss most of the food out.

Tomorrow we have to hunt down a fridge we can afford and one that we can buy and bring home right away.  That sounds fairly easy and it would be if we lived in a larger city.  In small towns you can't just buy something and take it home, you have to order it, wait weeks for it to arrive and then even more time for them to deliver it.  Ya, we could be without a fridge for a month or more!  ^%%$#@#@$%^&*&*&^%^%%$!!!  I really feel like punching someone or something.  It's too much.  It's always something and we don't even get to enjoy our one good thing. 

My bathroom is getting farther and farther away as something is always going to come up before we can even get started on it and eat away at that money.  We can't not have a fridge.  The only good thing is at least we have money in the bank, even if it is there from the remortgage and is supposed to be for the bathroom remodel or should I say repair?  I'm going to buy a nice fridge too.  Since life is going to give me lemons I'm going to get a fridge that is energy efficient, has the freezer on the bottom and is has the split door.  I don't want any stainless steel or water dispensers on it cause we can't hook that up.  Stainless steel looks horrible when it gets fingerprints on it or at least the ones my friends have do.  I'd rather stick to a white fridge cause at least it will match the new white stove we got.

Please send prayers that we can find a fridge and get it the same day.  I'm not sure my sanity can stand much more of this.


Congrats on hubz getting the permanent full-time position! And may you soon have the refrigerator of your dreams. I don't like those stainless steel ones either -- much rather have a white one!

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