Oh My Heart

So my results from the Dr. are back and I have low thyroid and something going on with my heart.  I have to see a cardiac specialist about the heart and my Dr. gave my thyroid pills to start.  She says it will take awhile to get the right amount and I will have to keep going back to be checked every month till we find it.  Now that is good news, the heart stuff not so much.

I'm hopeful that this heart thing is just a blip or some sort of mistake.  My Dr. says it is possible that it's nothing and she said not to get too worried until I've seen the cardiac Dr.  Inside I'm freaking out big time though which I'm sure isn't doing my heart any good at all. 

So if I'm not posting much it's because I'm too worried to write a coherent sentence.  But the garage roof is half done.  The husband would have finished it today if it wasn't raining.  I'm not sure if the weather is going to cooperate on the days the husband has off but he has to get this done soon.

We got our new couch delivered and it looks nice and is fairly comfy to sit on.  We are still deciding if we'll get new flooring in the living room and get rid of the nasty old carpet.  Not sure if we want to spend all that money.

My house is a mess as is my head right now and I better get doing the laundry before you have to crawl over it to get down the hallway.


Mama Pea said…
Hang on to the thought that the doctor said this heart thing could be nothing. Initial tests often come back with less than accurate read-outs. We'll all be waiting to see blog posts from you. We don't care if they contain coherent sentences or not. ;o} Hugs.
Yes, the doctor's right. The specialist may find nothing to write home about. My fingers are crossed for you!

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