One of Those Days

It's one of those days for me.  You know the kind of day when you wake up and wish you were still asleep.  The kind of day when every bone in your body aches and advil isn't cutting it.  My legs feel like lead weights today.  I worked in my mom's garden yesterday and today I'm feeling the result of being so out of shape.  My shoulders and arms even hurt for goodness sakes!!

In desperation I took some migraine medication that has a small bit of codeine in it.  Hopefully that will kill that achy pains.  If that doesn't work I'm going to whack myself on the head in hopes of staying unconscious long enough for this pain to go away.

I was going to go hang the sheets on the clothes line but I just can't bear that thought of all that bending.  Plus I have a headache to go along with these aches.  I'm calling this day a total write off in the getting things done department.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day.

Oh and I forgot to say I won a contest from Fiona at Rowangarth Farm!  I'll post a picture and more info later, I'm too tired right now.


judy said…
congratulations on the win and hopefully you will feel up to par tomorrow your mom is lucky to have you to help out
Mama Pea said…
Yup, those darn gardening muscles will get you first of the season every time. Who knew we could strain muscles so much just by bending and stretching? At least mine have gotten back in shape enough that I can tie and untie my shoes these days. I thought I was gonna have to ask for help with that task a week ago!
Erin said…
Take care of yourself! Pain sucks, and sometimes you just need a few days to regroup... says the girl who just took a battery of ibuprofen pills :)
Sparkless said…
Thanks Erin. I'm recovered today other than a few aches and pains but nothing I need to take anything for. Yesterday was horrible and I ended taking a 2 hour nap. After I felt better. I think naps help every problem. LOL!
I hope you feel better soon too.

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