What is That Bright Yellow Thing?

Oh ya it's the sun!!!!  Haven't seen that for a couple weeks now.  Everyone is outside today madly trying to play catch up on their outside chores.  The forecast is back to cloudy with rain for the rest of the week.  Bah!  I want my garden to grow not rot.  What a crap year to have started to grow more vegetables.  The only seeds that are up are the peas and that's up for debate as it could be something else.  The chickweed is outpacing the peas so it's hard to tell if it's peas or a mass of chickweed.  Hurry up peas so I can kill that chickweed!

No sign of the carrots yet.  I planted them in a plot instead of a line.  The soil has been kept damp although I can't control the rain.  The top of the soil is cracked so I'm thinking that something is coming soon.  Everything else except for the stupid basil is doing well.  I put the basil outside in a pot and he seemed happy for a few days and then started to droop.  I put him in the garage by the window thinking it was too cold for him but he didn't perk up at all.  Guess I'll never have good basil.  It just doesn't like to grow for me no matter how many times I plant it or how many different spots I plant it in.   I should figure out what I'm doing wrong, most likely the soil is wrong for basil.  I used potting soil so maybe the pH is too high or something.  I was so looking forward to having enough basil to make pesto with.

I woke up with a headache today.  It's from my neck, I must have slept wrong and made my neck tight which gave me this dang headache.  I asked the husband to give me a neck rub but he only did for a couple of seconds and then walks away.  I should go pay someone and make him mad cause I spent money on something he could do for free.  Then I'll point out that he doesn't so I paid someone.  HA!

I better get back outside and do some work.  I just came in to take some advil and eat a late lunch.  Back at it.


Mama Pea said…
We're two of a kind when it comes to growing basil. It won't grow for me either. I got all excited when I thought it was going to be fine last year but it only looked good for a couple of weeks and then went south on me. Again. Will I try again this year. Oh sure.
judy said…
Oh my,mother nature is mad this year-seems a lot of gardeners are having.hope you get some hot sun to dry things up. Me personally,can't stand the heat.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea I don't know why we can't grow basil. I'm thinking it had to be too cold for it.

Judy I can't stand the heat either. If it would just stay a nice 25C and sunny it would be perfect instead of the 40C temps we have to endure part of the summer. I'm a Fall/Spring and Winter person myself. Summer is my least favorite season because of the heat.
Erin said…
Basil doesn't like cold nights, so that may be part of the problem. You could plant it in the hottest part of the garden and it wouldn't be hot enough, LOL! I put mine in my pepper beds since they are about the same height they can still get full sun. For you all I would think basil would probably do well if put out in mid-June or so if your nights are below 60. Don't worry, your garden will come!
Sparkless said…
That must be the problem. It's just not hot enough at night for the poor guy. It is quickly warming up and it does get very hot here with temps up to 40C in the summer. Hopefully the basil plant I have can hang on till the big heat arrives which is late this year.

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