Happy Mother's Day

Being a mother is hard work.  It means rarely taking care of your needs first anymore.  It means sleepless nights and long days.  But it also means love, laughter, sticky kisses and hugs. 

The only thing I ever ask for on Mother's Day is a chance to sleep in.  Unfortunately this weekend I'm not going to get my wish.  It was our towns festival this weekend so we wanted to get up early Sat to watch the parade.  Today I got up early to watch the husband and daughter run their Mother's Day 5k race.  They both finished in record time.  I'm not sure of the official times yet.

Tomorrow I have to be up early because my Mother-in-law is dropping by.  The kids are also off on Monday for another teachers development day.  So my Mother's Day weekend has pretty much been a bust for getting anything I'd like.  My older sister and me are taking my mom and dad out for lunch in a bit.  But I've just realized I don't have any proper clothing to wear anymore.  I don't even own a pair of shoes, only boots and running shoes.  It's no fun to go out and feel out of place because you are wearing grubby old clothes with nasty looking boots or runners on your feet.  So even though I get to go out for lunch I'm really not up for it today.  I'd rather just snuggle in bed and go to sleep. 

I better finish getting dressed in the one shirt I have that is half decent even though it is a bit tight.  Plus I still need to do up my mom's Mother's Day card. 


Mama Pea said…
I'm feeling very lucky in that I'm able to pretty much all all the shots and do exactly what I want this Mother's Day. But I do so remember what an impossibility such a day would have been in the past with all the other responsibilities we mothers have during certain phases of our lives. Let's face it. We, like most women (married, mothers or not) are care givers and taking care of others always comes before taking care of ourselves.

Enjoy your mom as much as you can today. She won't always be around. Tuck your feet under the table and no one will notice your footwear.

P.S. I seriously don't even have a skirt I could have found to wear if I had had to!!

Happy Mother's Day, Friend!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Mama Pea. Happy Mother's Day to you too, glad to hear you had a great one.
Erin said…
My Mother's Day didn't go as planned, either LOL! Happy Mother's Day anyway Sparkless! :)

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