The birthdays are over.  Well kind of.  Because of the money situation we are delaying my husband's birthday.  I'll get him a present, make a cake and a meal for him in a month or two.  At least I get to pick when it will be.  Although I still have my daughter's sleep over at my parents house to supervise.  My parents have a much larger house (it pays to be an metallurgic Engineer) with a big basement.  The daughter is inviting 5 of her best friends for a sleep over on the floor in the basement.   These old people have a huge tv, satellite and an Xbox!  They are away in Hawaii for a month so we are borrowing their house.  All I have to do is clean up afterwards.  We are still working on the food we'll have to bring with us.  That will be this Sat.  Of course the husband is doing nothing at all for this, nor is he coming to help supervise.  It's always all me on my own.

Unfortunately for me I have some type of injury or something.  It felt like a gallbladder attack but I've had my gallbladder removed about 10 years ago.  It started up Sunday and went all day Monday.  Today it seems to be getting better because I was ready to see a Dr.  I don't have any fever or nausea so that's a good.  It could be a stone in a bile duct or a kidney stone or a ovarian cyst or a pulled muscle.  It hurt when I moved the worst and I still can't take a deep breath without it hurting.  But I'm hoping it will be gone by Sat.

That's put a bit of a damper on things.  I wanted to get some stuff done so I could brag to you all about all the things I've got done.  Ya, that's not going to happen until this stupid right side heals up cause I can barely bend over.  The husband took 4 days off around his birthday which translates into 12 days because he works 4 and 4.  He's been enjoying his time off writing songs and recording them on the computer. 

The daughter went skiing today with the school.  She said it was really icy and she doesn't ski that well so she said she didn't have that great a time.  Oh well at least she got to go skiing once and it only cost $35 with rentals.  If she went on her own it would be around $60 for the day pass and over $36 for the equipment rental.  Skiing if for rich people that's for sure!

The son isn't doing much.  He got his expensive electric violin for his birthday and hasn't touched it.  I'm ready to sell the thing and keep the money.  The kid asked for it and we asked him again and again.  We suggested other things but he said no to everything.  We left it alone for a week or so and then asked again.  We did this for a few weeks and he kept saying the same thing.  So we got out the credit card and went farther into debt for him.  Now I'm just mad at us for listening to him.  What 17 year old kid asks for something he doesn't even want?  He hasn't touched his other violin since he quit lessons about a year ago and looks like he's not going to touch his electric one either.

What 17 year old boy doesn't want to get a driving license?  He could have got his learners a year ago but hasn't bothered.  It takes a couple of years before you can actually get your full license.  So if he gets his learners now he'll be 19 before he's able to drive without restrictions like having a licensed driver in the car or driving at night.  Here you pretty much need to be able to drive because there isn't much of a bus service.  Our taxi service almost closed last year until the city got involved and begged the guy not to close it and there may have been some money involved.

I will not be driving this kid to work when he's an adult because he was too lazy to get his license.  And speaking of work he better start looking for a job or at least a volunteer job or I'm cutting off his internet.  He stays in his room almost 24/7.  It's time he grew up a bit and if it's got to be tough love then so be it.  You should be able to hear the whining around the world when I tell him tomorrow what the new deal is.

That's my exciting life.  Notice how I don't say anything about all the wonderful things I'm doing?  That's because I'm not doing a dang thing!  Between taking care of the kids and all their business, and you would think teens don't need that much but they actually do, and all my stupid health problems I'm pretty much worn out.  I'm off to do the income tax now because that's just how exciting my life is.


Erin said…
Sounds like a good plan for your daughter's sleepover, bring a good book for yourself and try to enjoy! I hate to hear about you having those pains, I know how the gallbladder feels to since mine came out also about 4 years ago, if it's similar than I know you are in a fair amount of pain! I think the internet restriction is a good idea mama! He will look back many years from now and thank you for forcing him to take the responsibility for himself.
Sparkless said…
Erin I get to watch tv while I'm there and of course I'll bring my book to read. My side is healing from whatever was wrong with it thanks goodness. No idea what the problem was but it's getting better so no medical intervention is necessary. It's always a sad day when we have to be mean mom's and make our kids despise us but it's for the best and it's my job to make sure he learns how to be a healthy, happy, successful person even if that job sucks some days.

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