No More Snow

I like snow, no, I love snow.  I'm sad to see that's it's all melted.  Any snow we get from now on will likely melt within a day or two.  The ski hill is icy and will close soon.  I'm sad to say good bye to winter but I do like spring.  It's so nice to be outside again and enjoy the sunshine.  I could use some vitamin D.  And the nasty hot weather won't be here for a couple of months so I can actually enjoy being outside.

My kids are off school for two weeks for spring break.  I am trying to keep them busy doing things.  We forced the son to write his learners but unfortunately he failed it by a mere 3 percentage points.  That's okay because pretty much all the kids I've talked to fail the first time they write it.  I wonder if the gov't isn't failing kids on purpose to bring in more money?  Naw, they wouldn't do that, would they?  It cost $15 for him to write the test and if he had passed it would cost him another $10 to get his Learners permit.  Our gov't likes to make life expensive for us poor people.

I've told the son he has to rewrite the test on Friday and he has to keep writing it until he passes.  I also told him if I don't see him studying then he as to pay for the test.  If I see him working hard to pass and he fails again I'm more than happy to pay but I'm not paying if he's too lazy to study.  It actually takes 3 years to get your full driving license.  They have their learners license for 12 months and then if they pass their road test they have a New Drivers permit for 24 months.  If they drive for 24 months without any problems then they are issued their regular license.  Lots of rules to follow and things I have to learn.  Sheesh!  I have to learn more about getting a drivers license than my son does because they have made it so complicated now.

When I got my drivers license I wrote my learners test.  I think you had to wait a couple of months before you could take your road test.  Then if you passed your road test you were given a drivers license without any restrictions on it.  Ah, those were the good old days.

The daughter is playing her piano and hanging out with friends.  So far she isn't too bored.  We are going to do a surprise 50th birthday for the husband soon.  I have to talk to the kids so they can help plan it out.  We'll make sure that the husband is at work and then have it when he comes home.  He'll be surprised because he thinks his birthday is over.  I got him a mug and a shirt that says made in 1963.  

The yard work still needs doing so if the weather stays sunny and the grass dries up a bit more I'll make the kids come out and help clean out the gardens.  They don't have old joints and a bad back so I can just direct them to what they need to do.  It works pretty well because they have no clue and I have no ability to bend for long periods of time.  If only I could borrow one of their bodies for a day I could get a lot done!

I am also going to get the kids to help work on a meal plan for the week.  They can choose the meals and cook them.  The son is taking an International Cooking class so he can cook and the daughter can help by fetching and chopping stuff or doing the clean up after.  I'll be the supervisor of course and make sure no one gets injured or that the house doesn't get burned down.  I like being a supervisor.  I think it's my calling in life to tell other people what to do.  LOL!  Or maybe I'm just a mom.  Either way if I can get them doing something then they aren't so bored and there is less whining and better meals for me, so it's all good.

The husband and I have been talking about what to do with any tax refund we get.  Our couch is broken on one end and our stove is ancient.  Only three of the elements on the stove work and the large one doesn't work properly and lots of things get burned if you don't watch carefully.  It has a mind of it's own and will suddenly turn up high for no reason.  The oven heat elements move around and we have to keep pushing them back into place.  One never knows what the real temperature in the oven is we just go by how brown the food is getting.  Too brown and we turn it down. 

We would also like to get a bed frame since we have a new mattress.  We only have a metal frame and it would be great to get rid of the box spring and get a bed frame that is lower.  I'd also like a bed side table instead of my two plastic tubs.  I better stop wishing right now because we'll be lucky if we can find a couch and stove that we can afford.  And yes we'll be checking for second hand ones.  The problem with that is you can't always find good second hand items in our small town.  There just isn't a large population of people getting rid of good quality used things.  Most people give their good stuff to family or use it until it's worn out. 

It's late and I really should go to sleep.  Insomnia has struck me tonight.  I was in bed and then decided that all my thrashing around was probably going to wake up the husband who has to get up early for work tomorrow.  So I got up hoping I'd feel tired eventually.  I'm not really feeling tired but it's 2am and if I don't get to bed now I'm going to be dragging around tomorrow.


Mama Pea said…
You certainly have to go through a lot more steps to get a driver's license in Canada than we do here in the U.S. I'm thinking your way may be the better way!

Sounds as though you've done some creative thinking and have come up with some good ideas for you and the kids over their spring break. I'll bet it's fun to plan for the surprise birthday party for your husband.

Can you make your back stronger by doing a little bit of exercise day after day and thereby increasing the muscle strength or does that just irritate it more than anything? I know when I get out into the garden every spring, I feel like an old, decrepit granny getting up and down for the first week or so. But then I "uncrick" and am fine for the rest of the season.
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, the license program probably does keep kids safer when they are learning to drive. Keeping teens occupied is harder than keeping younger kids happy. I've been working on getting my back uncricked as you say. I can bend but after about 20 minutes it starts to ache and then I have to go sit down. The Dr. thinks it's a disc problem. But what happens is you end up not using your muscles and they get weaker and weaker. So now I need to do exercises to keep my back muscles strong or my back will just get worse.
Erin said…
Wow your license program is different, but then again ours is vastly different from when I was a teen also. I took the written test and got my permit (free!) and then had my hours of behind the wheel training (at the time also FREE given by the school system) then got my regular license on my 16th birthday. Now parents have to pay a whole bunch of money to a private driver training company and do it on their own time. We used to be able to do ours in study hall or right after school LOL
Sparkless said…
Erin if we pay $600 for driving lessons they will have their New license period shortened by 6 months. Not many parents can afford to pay $600 for lessons. There are some schools that have driving lessons in Canada just not in our small town. It would be nice if all the kids had to take the same thing and it was free. When the kids get their Learners permit they have to drive with a green L on the back of the car. When they get their license they have to drive with a green N on the car for 24 months. That way the police know what restrictions the driver had to follow.

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