Spring Pictures

I don't think anyone believes me when I tell them we have no snow and our flowers are up and blooming.  So to prove this here are a bunch of pictures I took today.  Oh and we have our windows open because it's so nice and warm.  First time we've been able to open the windows this spring.

No snow left except for on the mountains.

Some tulips coming up.


Last of the crocuses.  These once came up before I could pull off the mulch.

Chives are green already.

Picture of a lizard my husband painted on a rock.  It's supposed to be inside an egg.


Mama Pea said…
You sure look like you're well into spring time! Quite different than the outdoor scene we have. No trace of spring flowers or chives which are always the first thing up in my garden. But our turn will come!
Sparkless said…
Mama Pea, your weather is usually similar to ours but not so much this spring. Spring will come though and with a bang!
Erin said…
I can't believe you have windows open already! It's raining here and 50 degrees.. AGAIN!
Sparkless said…
Erin we've been having a sunny spring. Today is was up to 21C outside (69.8F). Last night we had to leave our bedroom open a bit because it was just too warm with the blankets we have on the bed. Looks like I'll be taking the extra blanket off the bed. I don't like sleeping with the window open just yet because the furnace is still running.

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