Since I and two other board members have sent in our resignations not a single person has said anything to me.  Not a board member or even the Head Coach.  My daughter had attended this sport club for almost 7 years and I've been on this stupid board for 4 years and the Head Coach doesn't even say a simple, so long to me.  What a total jerk.  I was going to leave my daughter in this sport group but don't feel I can in good conscience do that now.  Not only will I be supporting this jerk of a coach but I'll be contributing to this whole dysfunctional group.  I can't do that anymore.

So tomorrow when my daughter is supposed to be going to her sport she won't be.  The good thing is we will save $150 a month now and we could really use that money for Christmas.  And now I don't even have to go into that place at all!  I feel guilty for taking her out of something she enjoys but this coach isn't above being passive aggressive towards her like giving her less coaching time or ignoring her.  He also will make sure to make us unwelcome at events.  He's just a jerk like that.  Since this is such a small town it's not like she can just join a different group cause that is the only one.  So she's going to have to find another sport to do.

If this coach retires I may let her rejoin but with him there she is not going back.  The guilt is killing me cause she loves going but for her own sake I have to protect her.  Plus we are really in a financial bind this year.  With the husband working less hours and making less money we really can't afford to pay for this expensive sport anymore.  Please help me feel better about having to tell her tomorrow that she can't go anymore.  It breaks my heart to have to do it but I have no choice.


Sue said…
That was an incredibly hard decision to have to make. I do think you did the right thing.
I can't believe how expensive it was though. Yikes!
Erin said…
That is a lot of money for one sport, don't feel badly, we all have to do what's right for our family and home FIRST, let her know the real deal and that you feel she is old enough to understand, and encourage her to maybe join another low cost group or club that interests her? I pay that for music, but that's BOTH kids included, and even that would be hard to swing without my parents contributing half, so I know exactly how it is. Remember, taking care of your family and home first is the right thing to do, don't feel badly about that!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Sue and Erin. It's not actually that expensive but she was going for 6 hours a week. Two classes each 3 hours long.
It's so hard not to be able to give your child what she wants but I do feel better about it today.

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