Season of Cold

Not only is it cold but the cold and flu bugs are starting to go around now.  I've got a sinus cold thing going on right now.  I guess it's better than chest congestion and coughing your head off but my head feels like it's gonna explode and my nose is plugged so I have to breath out of my mouth and now I have chapped lips.  Ick!

The mountains around us have already had snow.  You can see the light dusting of the snow and I know all the skiers are raring to get at that ski hill.  We have the snow tires on the car and are ready any time Mother Nature wants to bless us with some of her pretty white stuff.

I'm still trying to work out if I should show up at the next board meeting to formally hand in my resignation.  I've heard that's how it should be done but no one knows squat.  I do have a box of stuff I need to drop off and a key so I may do that then.

So far my daughter seems fine with not going to her sport but she has said she feels lazy not doing anything all week.  Plus she is a junk food junkie and loves her chocolate so if she doesn't keep active she's going to have to cut down or she'll be putting on the pounds just at a delicate stage of puberty.  She'll be 13 this January.

The son has had his video games taken away for not handing in his assignments on time at school and this will be the second week of his having no video games.  He's starting to go through withdrawal and is very cranky.  LOL!  When his report card comes if his marks are okay and he hasn't missed handing in any other assignments he'll get his video games back for a limited time daily.  If he wants to play anymore he'll need to earn that right with extra chores or activity time.  Like if he goes for a long walk he will get 15 min of game time that kind of thing.  Hopefully he'll find other things to do with his time cause this kid is seriously addicted to video games. 

Life is ticking along with no major disasters recently which has me a bit on edge because every time that happens a big nasty surprise awaits me like the car breaks down big time or the sewer backs up or the water tank explodes.  You know what I'm talking about the calm before the storm type of feeling.  I'm going to enjoy this calm anyway cause I don't know how long it's going to last.  It could have a week, month, day or an hour but I'm living in the moment!  So in that spirit I'm going to have a nap cause my head is throbbing from this cold.  Nighty night


Erin said…
I know what you mean about disasters... every deployment MAJOR stuff always breaks, and this deployment I considered myself lucky that it was only hubby's muffler for now (no problem, just park it LOL!) but today my 5 year old washing machine sounded like it was breaking down the walls, then quit on me, ugh! I'll be visiting the laundromat until he gets home since he can always fix these kinds of things quickly and easily - for cheaper! Oh well, at least I'll be able to do all the loads at once!

Does your son like to read? That could be worth video game time and who knows, he might get so absorbed in a book he doesn't play them as much!
Sparkless said…
Erin our washing machine did that too. There was some kind of plastic thing in it that wasn't expensive to replace but wears out if you wash lots of heavy loads of laundry. I asked why the part wasn't made out of metal and the repair guy just shrugged. I think it cost us just under $100 to have it fixed and now I'm really careful about how much laundry I load her up with.
My son does not like to read even though my daughter is a reading machine and I read constantly too. I've offered to buy him books and he only read some of the Warrior series of books then hasn't ready anything since. sigh

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