Are You Shopping?

Black Friday is a US thing but I see that many Canadian stores are picking it up now.  I personally avoid shopping in crowds in winter.  Not only is it annoying but it's a germ factory just at a time of year when there are all sorts of nasty bugs going around.  There's always those people out who will not stay home no matter how sick and contagious they are.  They feel it's a sign of weakness to stay home when they're sick but really it's an act of kindness to the rest of us not to pass on their nasty germs.

I don't do much shopping because I don't have money to spend.  Why torture myself shopping for entertainment?  So I stay home and bargain hunt online.  Most of the time I find a better deal online anyway.  Living in a very small town means shopping is limited so being able to shop online is wonderful.  I've already got my kids their Christmas presents.  I have to pick up a few stocking stuffers and I'll do that on a week day early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

I like being at home around Christmas.  The roads can get slippery and even if I'm a good driver doesn't mean I won't get creamed by a crappy driver so I only drive when I have to.  Today for example the road was covered with black ice.  This lead to a bunch of cars driving in the ditch, a truck and a big SUV to be exact.  It always seems to be people in those vehicles who drive too fast for the road conditions around here.  They seem to think because they have this big truck or a 4wheel drive means they can drive faster than the road conditions allow.  Anyway, I came upon this accident and some idiot stopped their car in the middle of the road meaning people had to brake and go around him.  When I tried to break I couldn't slow down (I wasn't going very fast at the time) so I had to pull into the other lane that was snow covered hoping to get more traction in the snow than on the ice.  On the other side of the road another fool had parked his car on the road meaning I had to weave around him too all the time hoping I didn't lose control and crash into someone.  I made it but there were other people who didn't.  There were six cars in the ditch on the way home.  The only reason I made it by that accident is I was driving the proper speed for the road conditions, which means slower than the speed limit.

And this all reminded me why I hate shopping around Christmas.  I don't like it because people are in a rush and takes stupid chances driving to get places faster.  I don't like it because sick people who should be in bed are out spreading their germs around.  I don't like it because people are rushed and rude.  And I don't like it because there aren't a lot of choices where I live.  I'm not sure why they call it Black Friday but it sure doesn't sound like a day I want to go shopping on.   No matter what deals can be found I'd rather stay alive and keep my car intact.  Give me a nice hour online to shop and  cup of coffee with a warm pair of slippers and I'm in heaven.


Erin said…
I surfed online for Black Friday deals on TIRES - exciting, I know LOL!
Sparkless said…
Tires would be a great thing to get. Now I just need a better car to go along with my new tires. LOL!
I don't like Black Friday or shopping either.

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