Season of Mold and Mildew

It's the time of year when it's damp everywhere.  Our windows run with water even the brand new one.  Pretty soon the furnace will be on lots and then it will be the season of dry.  These old houses aren't insulated properly and when it's damp outside it's damp in your house.  Of course doing laundry and running the dishwasher didn't help much or boiling the big pot of water to cook the pasta either.

One day I'll live in a house where I won't know what the weather is like outside until I look out the window.  I won't know it's raining because it feels cold and damp inside.  I won't be able to tell it's really freezing out cause the furnace is on constantly and drying out my nostrils.  I won't have a clue it's a roasting hot day or night because the sweat is pouring off my almost naked body.  It will be nice never to have to put plastic on my windows in the winter and constantly scream at the kids to close the door cause their either letting the heat out in winter or the cold out in the summer.

Yup I'm a simply girl and all I wish for is a properly insulated house.  Don't want no palace or 10,000 square foot mansion.  All I want is insulation against the weather. 


Sue said…
Be careful what you wish for!! I GOT the well insulated house-and my BRAND NEW windows drip like crazy! Seems the house is TOO insulated and so all the moisture from cooking, showering, breathing (!!) builds up. I now have to use a DE-humidifier (and the constant noise is driving me batty!!).
Sparkless said…
Sue you need a vent at the top of your house to release the hot moist air. You can have them put in and they are highly recommended.
My problem is that my windows are cheap so they are cold and when the warm air from inside hits the inside of the window it cause water to form. If the windows were good ones they wouldn't get so cold that water would form on them. Plus we have no vents in ours house, not in our kitchen over our stove or in the bathroom.
Erin said…
There are a lot of people that have Sue's problem in new construction, seems engineers have managed to engineer their way right out of good sense! I grew up in an 1800's farmhouse in Minnesota, so I remember what it's like with the storm windows, plastic, rugs and blankets under the door, etc! The worst was being the last in the shower on a cold winter morning to find all the hot water gone from other family members using it! Get knitting those socks and hats, you'll need them for winter!
Cottage Times said…
I'm glad to hear this is more the norm than I thought! I have no vent in the kitchen or the bathroom either. The windows sweat and fog up in the winter. My laundry is in the garage and 9 months out of the year the clothes spoil if I don't get them hung or in the dryer right away. I don't want a palace either, but a dishwasher for my tiny 70 sq. ft. kitchen would be heaven.

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