Is it Just Me Or...

Is Oprah's show "Favorite Things" where Oprah gives away expensive things she likes to audience members too much?  It's not the giving of these things that makes me sick it's how the audience members react to them that makes me feel horribly sick.  That pure unbridled greed when they find out what they are getting and the frenzy that ensues over the mention of an expensive bauble that just seems wrong somehow. 

I've tried to convince myself that these people are just excited about receiving a bunch of pretty things but I'm not sure I'd be jumping up and down and screaming about it like that.  Or maybe they are all told to act like that?  There is just something not right about the over the top reaction to a bunch of junk.  I know the first thing I'd do with a 3Dtv or a diamond watch would be to try to sell it to make some money for something important like saving for my retirement or paying off bills.  Or I'd use some of the money to donate to a favorite charity.

Now can you imagine what the audience's reaction would be if Oprah told them she would donate the cost of each of her favorite items to their favorite charity or even to a school or environmental cause.  Or better yet wouldn't it be great if Oprah gave each audience member energy saving appliances or organic food delivery for a year?  Or how about if she gave each audience member a new hybrid car? 

There are so many more important things than that overpriced junk and the greed that it creates.   Oprah you could do so much better than that!


Erin said…
That made me chuckle, but it's SO TRUE!

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