Knitting and Garden Pictures

 Here is the wool and pattern I've been attempting to knit.  I finally gave up on this pattern not because it was too difficult just that I couldn't get it to work for me. 
 It looks so simple!  Maybe the next hat I'll do this one cause I've sure learned a ton pulling this one out about 5 times.
 Here's what I've got so far.  The ribbing should be all the way to the bottom but it got messed up some how and I kind liked how it looked so I didn't pull it out.  I then went on to figure out how to do the ribbing properly. 
 So you can see the bottom where the ribbing is messed up but it looks pretty.  Then I got the ribbing to work finally and will go on to straight knitting and then start to reduce stitches.  I just need to get some markers, or different colored yarn to make markers.
 And this is one of our messy gardens.  You can see the big lavender bush that I should trim and there are a few rose bushes and the rest if small plants and weeds.  You can see how the neighbours cleaned out their gardens on the other side of the fence.  My cats will enjoy using those!  LOL!
 Backyard.  The lilac tree still has a few leaves left on her.  I'm planning to put some raised beds back there next spring.
And here is the last of the roses nestled in the lavender bush.  I was going to leave it but it won't finish blooming so I cut it and brought it inside hoping the warmth inside will let me have one last rose for the year.

So I am knitting a hat and I do have very messy gardens.  But there is a method to my madness.  The gardens need to be kept covered to keep the cats from using them as their litter boxes and it also puts nutrients back into the soil.  I clean them out in the spring.    The hat may not fit any one's head because I didn't knit a swatch before hand or measure my head.  I know it's a crucial mistake but I just wanted to get knitting and didn't bother to do it even after the 5 times I pulled out my knitting.  I'm fine with the hat looking odd as long as it will fit on some ones head.  If not I'll pull it out and start again.

I've found a You Tube video of a knitted hat that I want to try next cause it looks so easy.  But I'll make sure to do my swatch first and measure my head before starting that one.

Now I have to get on making some kind of supper for the kids.  The husband got called to work and now I'm expected to actually cook a meal!  Eeep!  After visiting Erin's Blog and seeing her lovely roast chicken I'm in the mood for that so we're having roast chicken, potatoes and corn.


Erin said…
Yay pictures! That yarn is beautiful! My favorite are always natural earthtones or undyed. My friend by contrast always picks stuff like chartreuse and orange LOL, I always ask her if she's making stuff for a hunting party! GENIUS on leaving the beds for the winter... if I was a cat and I could choose between those beds, I'd definitely be over at the neighbors hahahaha! Have fun with the chicken!
Sue said…
I NEVER could figure out knitting.I don't know how people figure it out, especially from reading. My mom tried and tried to teach me, but I never could "get it". But, I love the yarn. Good luck with it-we'll be waiting to see the final results!
Sparkless said…
Thanks Erin, the roast chicken was delicious.
Sue I can't follow a knitting pattern either. I don't know how anyone does with all those abbreviations. I'm still working on that hat and will post a picture when it's done.

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