Blogger Dashboard Bugs

Seems Blogger dashboard isn't working properly.  It's only showing me one blog at a time on my dashboard.  It doesn't show all the new posts at once like it used to.  I read it's a bug they are working on but it's been a few days and I'm having withdrawal from all my wonderful blogs. 

I've started to manually scroll through all the blogs to see if they have a new post up.  I follow over a hundred blogs so this is kind of slow going.  Many of the blogs I follow haven't have a post up for a very long time.  If there is worthwhile info on that blog that I want to keep access to I'll keep them on my list if not then after a year of no posts I delete that blog no matter how much I used to enjoy them. 

When the blogs I follow start to get thin with new posts I'll start searching out new and exciting blogs to follow.  It seems that bloggers wear themselves out after a year or two and stop posting.  At least that's what I find or if their life changes drastically they stop blogging.  For the rest of us hard core writers who just have to write we continue on no matter what's going on in our lives.

But right now, right now I need to read some blogs!  Quick someone post something!


My Blogger blog reader was on the fritz like that for a few days too. This morning it's finally back to normal! In the meantime, I spent an evening inputting all the blogs I follow into my Bloglovin account, so if Blogger craps out again, I can still get my blog feeds from Bloglovin.

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