The Heat is On

And when I say the heat is on I mean it's summer now and the thermometer is rising rapidly.  I won't complain about our relatively cool spring though.  It's been a pleasure to sleep well and not to have those noisy window a/c units running until I can't hear myself think.  Good bye cool weather that I love and hello horrifying heat.

The son graduated last week.  He didn't attend all the events and I didn't get to dance with him but at least he picked up his diploma.  He wrote his last exam this past Friday.  In a few weeks we'll see his report card.  The daughter has one exam to write on Monday then she is done too.

I wish these kids would get out there and look for jobs.  The son thinks he can sit around all day playing video games so we took his stuff away and told him he needs to find a job before he gets it back.  He was pretty much forced to drop a resume at a place his dad picked.  Now he thinks he gets his stuff back.  Ya, that's not going to happen.  At 18 years old it's about time he started to grow up.  Unfortunately he has his sisters old iPod to listen to music and he can get onto YouTube with it and watch videos so he does that all day instead.  I am exhausted trying to get him to do anything.  Kids were way more easier when they were little.  They did what you asked and you could go out and have fun with them.  Now they won't do what you ask so you have to have "a talk" with them and they do not want to go anywhere or do anything with their parents which means they are left at home doing nothing.  They do have a few chores they have to do but I think I am going to make sure they get a bigger list now.

Not much is going on here but the usual stuff.  My back is bugging me so I'm doing less than usual when I really need to be doing more.  This depresses me cause I start looking around and see all the work I have to get going on and then I can't stand up long enough to get anything done.  It's so frustrating to have to sit down several times while simply folding laundry.  I can't imagine trying to cook or vacuum. 

I've been needing a nap every day too.  I just can't keep my eyes open after supper.  What is up with that?  I get enough sleep at night because I don't have to be up at an early hour.  I just can't figure out why I'm so tired.  I don't drink a lot of coffee either, maybe a cup a day if even that much.  I'm thinking maybe I should up my coffee consumption or take a walk after supper to keep from falling asleep in the chair while trying to read a book.

I've written a bunch of posts but not finished them.  I keep starting and then getting interrupted so don't finish my posts.  Then when I come back I don't like what I've written or don't have the heart to continue the story.  I could tell you things that would depress even Santa Clause but why bother.  You don't want to hear all that stuff.  You want fun stories and wonderful pictures, none of which I can deliver.  So I will just continue on with the bore-a-thon that is my blog.  Or maybe that's snooze-a-thon?  If you made it this far I have to tell you I am going to start knitting more.  I have a kit coming in the mail with everything I'll need to complete a project.  It's a beginner kit so it should be okay for me as I have basic knitting skills.  That's my big news and I saved it for you, the hard core reader, who managed to read my blog post right to the end.  Aren't you glad you did?  (and just in case it's not clear, I am joking, this whole post is a bit of a lark and is supposed to make you smile at how silly I am, except for the first several paragraphs, those are true).


I usually need a short nap around supper time too. It's called "middle age"!
tpals said…
It's odd how different kids can be. My son works two jobs and saves money like mad but will happily spend all his days off playing games. My nephew is pushing 30 and is terminally unemployed and broke.

Health problems can really put a wrench in our plans, can't they? It's almost noon and I haven't managed to get dressed yet.
Sparkless said…
Debra I think 50 is a bit past middle age, isn't that 40? Unless I live till 100 I'm past middle age now. At least I'm in good company.

tpals, I wish my son would work one job, even a part time would be better than nothing.
Mama Pea said…
I don't envy you dealing with your kids at the age they currently are. I think I disliked the teen years the most. So difficult!

Sparkless, m'dear, you are messing with my head. Now I truly don't know when you are being serious or when you are spinning a tale.

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