Happy Mother's Day

So here I sit on my own on Mother's Day.  Both kids are working and the husband too.  I did drive up to my mom's house to drop off her flowers (not cut flowers but a beautiful pot of flowers) and card.  My mistake was staying and having the life sucked out of me.  I should know better than to stick around too long with my younger sister and dad and mom.  My older sister and her daughter were outside planting the vegetable garden which they plant so they can eat the veggies.  My older sister has a huge yard but her partner won't let her plant a garden anymore so she has to use my parents garden now.

Anyway the level of rudeness and stupidity amazes me.  My dad doesn't understand language and is such a rude man that it's shocking.  When he can't understand something he just becomes a rude Ahole and yells.  Then there's my younger sister who thinks she's an expert on things she has little to no education on.  Did you know that white sugar is poison?  Um, okay then why does everyone still eat it and live?  I'm not saying that tons of white sugar is good for you but it certainly isn't poison.  Once any kind of sugar is broken down in your stomach whether it is from an apple or a cookie it all does the same thing.  The only difference is the speed at which the sugar is processed is slower from an apple than it is from a cookie due to the fibre in the apple.  But when you make that point to her she is suddenly a rabid dog and of course knows more than anyone about sugar because she works in a spa and does laser treatments.... um, okay.

I just  should never have stayed so long to have much of a conversation.  I know as I was sitting there that I should leave.  It's so weird that when I say anything negative about my house or car or anything that is going on in my life they get all nasty to me.  But when my younger sister starts talking about her washer and how it broke down and all the difficulty she had with it and a bunch of other problems they all listen in deep concentration not once seeming to be annoyed or impatient with her.  Like everything in my life is stupid and I'm a useless fool when I say anything but when she says anything they all commiserate and act supportive. 

This is why I avoid my family and only do the bare minimum to be a good sister/daughter.  They just knock me back and make me feel horrible every time I'm with them.  You can't even have a normal conversation with them without them being rude right to your face for no reason other than they disagree with something you said.  

I just had my Mother's Day wrecked by total rude jerks who had no reason to be rude to me other than they consider it okay to be rude to me because they think I'm an idiot.  Remember that your actions speak louder than your words people and when you treat people poorly no matter how much you say you love them that your behavior is the true indicator of your feelings.

I hope anyone who reads this is having a great Mother's Day and isn't having to deal with jerks.


Birdie said…
I am sorry you had such a sad day. I am having one right along with you because my husband is being an asshole.

Yeah, "family" is seriously overrated, isn't it?

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